Q&A Dev Stream: Ask your questions here!

Hail and well met!

Since we were limited on time for the last stream, and didn’t get a chance to answer everyone’s questions we are doing a Q&A stream! We’ll collect and answer them on Tuesday, September 22nd, at 11am EDT/17:00 CEST on Twitch and YouTube.

If you have questions regarding Siptah and the most recent patch you’d like answered by the devs, please ask them here. We’ll do our best to answer as many as we can and clear up any uncertainties. Please follow the forum guidelines and be polite in your questions and comments.

We’re looking forward to it! Thank you!


Beards? More beards? Hairstyles I guess? Beards are more important. Especially if you can get them to sway in the wind like the grass does.

Edit: Also when will the T4 Thrall Fighter “Eutus, Lord of the Magnificant Beard” be added? So he can glitch and spawn with out one of the new beards and we can all have a laugh at it? Its gonna be great.


Yes please more hair and beard options plus is the game going to be on PS5 thats the biggest ones for me


For a long time in the Exiled Lands, spawns have been completely static; the same things spawn in the same spot, exactly, every time, with no exception. This gets old, especially for PvE players.

Does Siptah do anything to address this and mix things up? (If so, any chance of those changes getting back to the Exiled Lands at some point?)


Will the game and current dlcs work on PS5? For console users, will there be any type of update or patch between now and when the expansion becomes available next year? Will there be other expansion maps for consoles in the future? Thanks!


When will we see additional functionality added to the admin panel? I don’t want to have to require people to download add-ons (Pippi for example) just to add necessary features for managing a dedicated server.


I know, I know, this question is a groaner but I have to ask:

Any insight on if any form of sorcery will ever be implemented?


The changes to healing have caused quite a stir. Although I am a fan of some of the aspects, there are clear shortcomings that have increased tedium and caused players to take unconventional (and I’m pretty sure unintended) shortcuts to healing.

  1. Any chance we could have player-enabled interruption of healing animations (even if it’s limited to using dodges as the way to break the animation)? If it cancels the heal, then so be it.

  2. Would you consider reducing the weight of Aloe Potions OR creating additional tiers of Aloe Potions that produce more effective heals (yes I’m aware of the infused version and whatnot, but perhaps more versions in between)?

  3. Food has been massively nerfed to the point of “why should I bother”. Would you consider dividing tiers of food into “snacks” and “meals”, where snacks (berries, bugs, grubs, etc.) could be eaten with a quick animation during combat to restore a small, static amount of health/stamina and meals would require a longer (3-5 second?) animation that quickly restores health but leaves you vulnerable? Also, gruel should not be as effective as a Feast of Derketo, any possibility of getting some clear separation in their benefits?

  4. Could we get the soothing buff back as an aura from Fireplaces? Just to make home feel like “home”.


Are there any plans to extend the map and/or even add more biomes like you did with the exiled lands map?


#1 With tree building made even more accessible and popular ( possibility to snap foundations on the tree itself) would it be possible to improve the Treehouse Foundation? Its becoming obsolete and the dlc it came with is not even 1 year old. It would be interesting if by using the Treehouse Foundation it could extend support by 1 or 2 extra ceilings? Because its a stronger piece designed to got on a tree and it cost more.

#2 A special double bed/ pillows pile/ placable item of some sort/ to used as a clan spawn point. One per clan. Could that be a thing?


Will everyone need DLC in order to play on isle? or can we join friend with it?.) like with others DLCs… we can use it, but not make it

Why are you ignoring the console community with updates on a fix for the last broken update… waiting on certification is not good enough


Thankyou for offering the community this opportunity to ask questions. :smiley: At this point in time I currently have 2 questions, although I suspect you all may be hesitant to provide a concrete answer to either of these. But here goes:

  1. Will Funcom be releasing any new Crom weapons or features for the Isle of Siptah, or in general? :mountain_snow:

  2. Can you please give us some idea when we can expect the Mummy of the Ring to be finished and implemented into the game? We need something…anything. As the current and previous forum threads reinforce, his contined omission bothers a lot of people.


On the isle I know some items recipes are able to build in the exile land but would it be possible to have some of those items that can’t have their cost changed to make them available in exiles land and vice versa

I know the one mechanic that allows legendary items to be crafted would be overpowered to those that don’t have the dlc but if there was any plans on this

I’ve recently switched completely to pc, but I’d still like to ask this for my console friends.

Are there any plan to add a search functionality for consoles?

Also, any plans for more building contests?


Are there any plans to improve the moderation of official servers? Perhaps add a ticket system, or improve the transparency of the process, or at the very least dedicate more people to it?


they’ve already said you have to have the dlc to play on siptah. But if you have it, you can use the new building pieces in the exiled lands.


Why console players left behind?


yesh ui for consoles plz, also DO NOT gimmie wedgies with weak grain that i cant see until placed, or I WILL feed kiahonfire to nessie!!!

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For PVE PS4 Console, im not seeing the primary foods at all at the bottom of the screen. Its completely empty. Was this removed on purpose. The suggested foods are missing.