Why no Twitch Dev Streams since launch?

Are you guys just scared of the backlash?
Running away from all the angry PS4 players?
Not really giving a toss for the community?

Come on guys where is the streaming you promised would happen?

My friends and I have been wondering about this too. We loved the Friday dev streams and now all we get is damage control from community managers. Sure the game has server issues and bugs, not sure anyone realistically expected it to be flawless at launch, but we’ve come to enjoy getting our info from the streams. Please please please start doing the streams again. I’m not asking for an hour+ long, content packed, mind blowing stream. A simple hello to the community, we hear you, we’re working on it, hell I’ll even except a “soon”. The streams were helping to build a strong community


They already got your money… No need for marketing anymore. They sold us a total broken game for the price of a Witcher 3 or even more and yeah… It is okay. I had my fun for the money. But the reality is that this game is still BETA for the price of a fully released and polished game.

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Still better then Ark who charges people $60 for a $30 game.

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I would say both games are overprized but Ark has at least not so many bugs…

The first two weeks right after launch are always super hectic and busy so we absolutely did not have time to do any streams. The third week was our investor/Q1 stream and last Friday we had a company event.

So, no, we are not scared to stream again and will do so this Friday. However, we also wanted to nail down the content for that stream before announcing anything. :slight_smile:


plz don’t show us community thing, show us dev stream, we don’t care about others for the moment we care about stat of the game

Content? What content? Your game is severely lacking in that category. People are already leaving in droves because there’s hardly anything to do at max level.

We will be covering the state of the game during the stream.


Since you were answering me directly and in case that wasn’t clear: We are discussing Streams and stream content. So please, if you have any suggestion or feedback of the state of the game, post that in the relevant forum section.

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that the kind of thing i like to read !

I hope you gonna speak about the biggest breaking game issue (purge for many, dam journey step wear ligth, the fact that one handed axe is as powerfull as a tow handed weapon, god avatar WTF ???, maybe balancing thing armor and so on…)

I would like to konw about DLC but i would prefer to know that you are working on making the game work again and not only trying to do new stuff

We are doing both. Our developers are working on fixing things in the game, but please be aware that fixes take time. We know from experience that rushing it will only make things worse.


If you have specific examples to point to I can certainly try to improve.

Oh and one last question (for the moment :p)

Do you know if there is any plan to do something to counter rebuild during raiding, because it"s probably the biggest issue over raid mecanique

No, just your general demeanor.
Nothing personal really, I just think if we sat down and had a coffee you’d end up wearing mine. Lol I’m fuсking with you man. Your post was right above mine (at least on my end)

I liked when Joel was on, he seemed chill, seemed like he belonged there. Even though I think I’ve clashed with him on Twitter.

I don’t know, I’m not too happy with any of you to be honest, for the state of the game, lack of expedient action, ect… Felt lied to after thinking about your last few streams.

You know, like a false representation of this game was presented to us?

Good to see you’re all at least addressing people now. PS4 forums are -still- pretty devoid of Funcom employee interaction though that’s really nothing new.

Lot of those folks don’t know to check General and PC topics (which makes it look like thats really the only player base you care about). Or Twitter…

Anyway, good luck.

how bout giving me back all the gear ive lost due to body not showing on the map or or i know change xp gains back from exploration so im not stuck forver in my 40’s on a pvp server i started on a couple of weeks ago and everyone else is already 60 man you guys i knew better then to trust funcom again i played age of conan i played since beta to about 6 mo after launch never again im done with funcom games

We’re doing our best to cover as much ground as we can (and you can see our activity in the dev tracker), but we’re just three people covering a large forum (and Reddit and social media) so we’re not always able to get to everything.

The community team also have other tasks that need to be seen to, which takes time away from responding to messages.

Personally I don’t feel we’ve ever sold the game under false premises. But, as we’ve said, we’re working on improving and there are more patches coming. We haven’t stopped working on the game.


I heard it’s because the beaches in Monaco have bad WiFi.

it was rainy this day in Monaco, so no beaches !

Is there any info about when the totally broken Purge will be fixed on official server ? I got a notification that the purge will attack me in 10 minutes and few seconds later I got the notification that the purge was defeated. I didn’t have time even to pull my axe and defeated the purge ? How ? There was no purge attacking me. Just the notifications. Something is really broken. This happened not once but 3x to me and to other player on the server too.

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