Ahh the silence of the devs

love it when a game launches and suddendly the devs poof like magic no where to be seen or heard of for weeks untill the smoke clears

some admin read this and go down the hallway and punch the big guys that we know the faces of and have them do a livestream ASAP to address the ever mounting concerns that they are being ignored and what happened and why no servers (5 at a times is nothing vs the people who purchesed) are being brought up and who was in charge of counting or who moved the decimal point. when you post hey we launched 10 servers…thats only 400 people 22 servers is 1000 220 is 10000 you need to hold the million you sold or at least half a million so 12,500 servers to hold your playerbase at half or if you up player count to 80 only 6250…

WOW, just wow, so pissed , lined up my days off to play this sweet game on offical not going to be wiped servers, but every spot and every server filled to the rim x10000 cuz someone cant count


Quick look around will show admin and devs have been speaking with folks. Heck, Jens has a message on the front page addressing your very issue. Stop trolling…


If all else fails, you can at least play solo till they get stuff sorted out I guess.

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I would prefer anyone in the company with any technical knowledge at all or at least not color blind helping to set up servers.

You have a link to this announcement? I can’t find it anywhere.

admins, sure of forums, i want someone with some real knowledge on what the hell happened

and no nothin on front page that i can find, least they didnt sticky it,

Release 12500 servers under contract for day 1 players, one month later half the ppl leave for woteva reason, happens a lot in online game. U now have 12500 half empty empty sers instead of 6125 full one if u roll them out gradually.
Hope that helps ur whine n cheese


WAY more than half will leave if they dont do something quick way sooner than a month

Are u 12? No more than 3% will be gone lol

wow with that math you must work for funcom, you must have helped predict how many servers they would need…


I would’nt be so sure of 3% you should check out what happened to Ubisofts games like the Division and For Honor, they lost more than 3/4 of their playerbase in about 3 months, otherwise I agree

Almost every game launches with their max player base and then they slowly dwindle down to their core.

Most are adults and understand the first month is tough to balance, give them 2 or 3 weeks before u throw dummies from ur pram

Weeks eh? It’s been 36 hours and you have had funcom people in here. Perhapes if people stopped making demands and being entailed little children they might actually be around right now.

In fact the whining that I’ve been seeing (Minus the PvE Conflict issue) has been inane for the most part.


Division was a grief problem. Wait at pickup n gank ppl. This a simple business issue that even D2 had, too many anticipated players or too few? Unpopulated servers or over populutated? 4 million ppl buy the game, how many servers do u need

Looking at server pop n will add servers where needed was mentioned by nicole earlier

Lol research what? I just wanna play this game I bought. If I have to research anything to do so, these devs have failed.

Ps4 eu server outage, was mentioned in there and the US outtage

Ur just whining that a 2 day old game isn’t wow lol

“will add severs as needed”

good lord when every server is packed to the rim what do they think a NEED is zero open spots = an insane NEED for a online game to be ONLINE

ive played many a game that held servers waiting and brought them up as needed to meet the demand, and withing the first 12! hours everyone was in game

this game however…the need is insane for more servers and complete silence for 10 hours now since the last servers went up anywhere and those were a whopping 6 for ps4? and 6 for pc east coast, so 240 slots…while 10000+ are waiting just to log in ONCE, the as needed is several hundred ASAP

this isnt whining…this is basics of selling a product, say you will provide a service then dont and then do silent to your clients…