Guys, do not panic!

Guys, please, calm down.

I get it. Funcom gets it too: you want to play. So do I (and I do not have much time to spare). But, please, stop behaving like a brainless mass.

Of course they have more than one server for SA or OC. They also have more than four for EU, ASIA and so on. If you do not see them listed it is because we are stressing the system. Imagine: 18.500 people continuously refreshing for the info.

Now, I am not saying that Funcom has no responsibility over this problem. Of course they do. They have to do their part, but we have to do ours: stop stressing the system and, more importantly, stop stressing the guys at Funcom so that they can work to fix this ASAP.
Creating 1000 threads about the same issue or writing in CAPITAL LETTERS in every communication channel you can find will not fix the issue. We need to wait and let the servers (and the staff) breathe a little bit.

We will all get our share of barbaric action, sooner rather than later. They want this to go well more than we do. They do not want to force dedicated servers, they want to make 19.148 (Steam’s count) people happy and maintain them (so). Relax.


Puxar o saco da empresa ou pagar uma de insentão também não vai fazer com que mais servidores apareçam.

Uma das poucas coisas que consumidores lesados podem fazer é reclamar, então deixe de reclamar da reclamação alheia.

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I had to google-translate your reply, but anyway:

Of course, customers can claim… but that’s the thing: we already did. And let us remember that only 4 hours (not even 4 hours yet) have passed since launch.

Before customers we are human beings. And patience is a virtue.


Sim a paciência é uma virtude. E você, é funcionário da empresa? É Brasileiro? Mora na América do Sul? Ou ta falando pelos que moram por aqui por bobeira?

Yeah patience is good and launch is a special day but to calculate a mass of people that will come on release day. You have sold 1M copies and make servers for 1200 people yeah who could might have thought that will not be enough i wonder

No creo que se trate de discrminar a nadie; simplemente no funciona, porque pueden tener un problema en el servidor como todo el mundo.

En Europa si funcionan pero aun asi no podemos jugar porque estan llenos, y no por ellos estamos discriminados; como bien dice el post. que nunca el panico.

Roma no se construyo en un dia.

thats why i don’t understand why they promoted the hell out of this “launch”.

Just promote a server wipe on May 8th, and don’t anticipate another wipe for the foreseeable future…then 2 weeks later, promote that the game is launching with a patch of some fixed bugs or whatnot.

Funcom did kinda create their perfect storm. At least they did i on a tuesday instead of the weekend :slight_smile:

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Having a background in IT, if they were promoting the game as much as they were it would stand to reason they would know how many games were pre-sold and anticipate prior to the release date by setting up more hardware/servers to handle the anticipated traffic instead of waiting until after the fact. G-Portal is in the same boat with not having enough servers to rent.

gport selling what they dont have readily available. nice

I’m not sure what to think. I’m still at work for another 8 hours and I agree with you somewhat - If stuff is still messed up I’ll continue with single player until it’s fixed - but on the other hand in one discussion thread a customer service rep basically said if we want to ensure that we can log in on the same server every day we should get our own server. Otherwise it’s first come first served and you can do progression on a server and then never be able to access it again if it becomes popular.

I have no problem renting my own server for that matter I’d fork out the extra money if it was fun - but I’m not an experienced admin and who would join me on my own server, lol? “Hey guys - I’m a complete noob but want to join me on my server?”

Yeah I’m an adult and kind of try to look for solutions rather than just complain about the obvious.

Right now I wish at this point I knew what course of action to take:
a - will there always be a shortage of Official servers? Is renting a server a major part of the monetization? Is it intended that the community will fill in the gap for server demand?
b - If they could give us a timeline for server rollouts that would help. Yeay, it’s too late for the first 12 hours but if they said something like "we will be adding X servers per hour / day up to a maximum of y servers and then we will buy more if those are filled.

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I’ll panic anytime I want to darnnit!

I kid, I kid, I’m just messin with ya. :sunglasses:

Well you could mess around with sp to kill time while waiting for more servers to come available.

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