How is this okay

Server 1516 has been down for 5 - 6 days, how can this be acceptable I do not know. The manner in which this playerbase is disregarded is unfathomably seemingly acceptable and this shouldn’t be like this. Not in 2023, not with the fact there are transactions and purchases taking place. The lack thereof customer service is reminiscent of a 3rd world country. 5 - 6 days, no word, no announcement. It’s unprofessional and ultimately, simply just odd. It’s so weird how Funcom carries itself, from the manner in which they interact with players, lack of communication and down to the unconventional decision of having players aka customers, moderate other customers in the forums.

It’s weird, it’s unprofessional and shouldn’t be okay. The fault of conformity falls upon the playerbase as well. All we can do is set the example for them and take our time and money elsewhere. Money talks, BS walks, so do customers.


Ok, I’m sorry your server is down and Funcom doesn’t appear to be doing anything about it. But…what? Comparing that to living in a third world country? Pretty sure people living in the third world have bigger issues than poor customer service. In fact, poor customer service sounds like the very definition of a first world problem.

Like…I’m not terribly happy with Funcom either, but what is it with this playerbase these days? Why are we so dramatically ignorant-sounding? I don’t think I’ve ever seen such widespread Karen-like behavior in a playerbase before.

That being said, I hope your server issues get resolved. Funcom is unlikely to do anything on the weekend, though.


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Você esperou 6 dias para reclamar sobre o problema aqui? :thinking: Você consegue fazer login em outros servidores? Em qual tipo ou modo de jogo e servidor de conan exiles você joga?

Você já enviou um ticket para zendesk?

It has not been down for the past 5 days. I heard that it has a new ip so it doesn’t show in favorites/bookmarked servers so you’ll just have to find it under official filter and re-favorite it.

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It’s not down, it changed IP, search for 1516 in the list, favorite got deleted

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As soon as the server is up again, your addiction will be satisfied and you will play the game like a sheep again. Everything will be fine then.

This toxicity from you is not warranted.

Greetings @Sadu ,

Please follow the stated on the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket. Make sure to select “Official server performance” as the issue type.:

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here:

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