Funcom sure is hard to figure out how to talk to.. customer service dead at funcom?

So I am curious what genius decided it was a smart idea to get rid of the " report server down" option? Really? I was told time and time again that this new update would fix the constant game crashing. So now I am told that as a paying customer, that I can’t even report to you that server 1516 crashes multiple times a day still? Does Funcom view their customers input as unessarry? This game has SO MUCH POTENTIAL, and is so fun to play. But the constant crashes are a disease. And now I can’t report to you that the server I play in is trash still? How do we fix server 1516? Please Funcom help. Help me want to pay more money to you because you put out a quality product, hear my voice, and have it for action. Please fix this, or I’m going back to Elder Scrolls Online, where they actually listen to the people.