Thank You FunCom - Patch and DLC

DLC: New build pieces look great so far, and new weapons and armour are lovely - esp. armours! We know these are reskins and therefore no added advantages, but that’s what DLCs are for - thanks for keeping it fair for non-DLC owners!

Patch: Have not tried the Battle Standards yet, but am sure others are going to feedback on that real soon.

A huge thanks to the busy Art peeps and peepettes for their great work. I love the new attack moves - the new moves make more sense, but that’s just me.

I did have to close and reload Steam to get the Season Pass to kick in and give me access to the DLC. Worked fine. So far so good. Now, time to build!

PS: I do have mods loaded and they have caused some crash issues, but that’s to be expected: always stick to mods that are still supported. Nothing worse than having to remove ones.


Don’t know about dlc, but just tested new 2-handed sword, and 2-handed axe, and they have changed a lot. I’m kind of finding them useless due to their slow performance. I mean it’s ok it makes sense big weapons should be harder to wield and make slower moves, but I haven’t been able to finish a full 4-hit combo with neither of them as I could before. I guess it’s time to re-think my arsenal…

Check the various Patch video streams as they cover the changes and re-balancing to some of the weapons - the two-handed swords primarily. Check out the short-sword and spears. The two-handed axes too - there’s a lovely super-move to those. :slight_smile:

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Oh yes, they look cool, but combat-wise, pretty much useless. It gets easily interrupted, can’t finish a 4 hit combo no matter what, well, with some luck and AI passiveness (?). Have to test the new short swords and spears yet.

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Well, the final power-jump whilst using the two-handed swords was an easy dodge so useless in PvP - but okay with mindless creatures. The Spear and Polearm are positively rebalanced too so that they are more realistic ‘poke/stab’ weapons. Check out axes too. The Two hand axe ‘move’ is awesome and a great ‘crowd pleaser’ shall we say :slight_smile:

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