Funcom, you guys nailed it with this patch :D

Partial releasing a tested patch is the best thing you guys ever did :slight_smile: That was AWESOME!

Today my friends and I on the server did Midnight Grove for the very first time. Nobody has ever done it before, and it was PERFECT! The entire experience was perfect!

It was extremely well balanced! Not too hard or complicated as to cause tedium, but not so easy that you don’t need to take friends along.

You guys finally managed to fix Njoror…Thx SO much for that!

Nothing got broken by this patch as far as I can tell.

Infact, the one bug I did experience is an AWESOME and beneficial one; When you use the night vision potion, the potion works as usual…though alot of people prefer the torch still… but when the potion effect runs out… OMG does the world look beautiful! It actually exposes just how terrible that filter is, that makes the nights seem so dark.

When the potion effect expires, the vignette filter isn’t turned back on, the colors are saturated and …everything seems brighter and more vibrant. It’s absolutely beautiful!

Why this isn’t on by default is beyond me. Take the following as reference:


Whatever filters you guys use… it kinda sucks :stuck_out_tongue: I prefer the more vibrant variant. Please don’t fix the night vision potion xD It’s actually wonderful to see something during the night without some sort of vignette. It REALLLY enhances the gameplay in PvE.

As for everything else… the combat rocks. Axe and throwing axe combo feels a bit underpowered tho.
Also Serpent-man Throwing Axe at 52 dmg. That really rocks :slight_smile:
Ice not melting in fridges? I donnoh if that’s intended or not, but I like it.
A whole buncha improvements :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work.


i will have to agree. funcom you nail it … and i mean it. i have been critic. (you all know that) but this is the right type of signal i was looking for…

there are balance things , such as new arrow weight. (too heavy) but look forward to the develpment … this patch is for me a game changer. congrats!


Yeah, there’s some exciting stuff in those patch notes. Also good to see they haven’t forgotten about some of the more obscure bugs/errors they’ve (apparently) fixed.

It’s funny, the game is amazing and is fantastic value at $40 (especially if you consider the price of a movie ticket vs hours of entertainment)… except for the fact that it’s still in an early access state really.

This is modern game development it seems and is unlikely to change unless consumers stop buying games in early access or are more discerning about buying games at release, which I don’t see happening anytime soon. I’m certainly not trying to pass all of the blame onto consumers, this is just the reality of the situation.

I simply hope that Funcom (the company, not the developers who I’m sure would love to make Conan the best it can be) does justice to this game, and to all the people who supported it throughout early access and beyond, playtesting for free in Testlive (essentially reducing Funcom’s overhead) and such.

Exiles deserve(s) it.


My computer isn’t powerful enough to run it with Conan Exiles (yet), but something like a SweetFX could give you that look permanently no problem.

First off, I agree 100% with Halcyon here. Good decision to split it, too, since people were understandably getting antsy.

It’s very heartening to see a big patch with no breaking bugs in it (that I’ve experienced, anyway). Midnight Grove is perfect, so characterful and beautiful, and it reminded me of the good times of WoW dungeons back when the world was young (trust me, that’s a compliment!). I intentionally didn’t do it on TestLive, because I wanted the full “release” experience of it.

Yeah, not sure if that’s intentional either, but please don’t change it back! Maybe we should just never have mentioned it, eh? :wink: Nah better to let you guys know we like it like that and see where it goes.

But yeah, this patch - bug fixes galore, new content, and nothing broken so far. Thumbs up, Funcom! :+1:


anti-cheat tools, may see that as cheat, take PUBG they say its ok to use yet people get banned for it. anyways we are talking about the SweetFX “injection” plugin for graphics eh? if not ignore what i said.

Ya, screen overlay dealio. I’m a modder, after all, so I don’t think about that kind of stuff in terms of Conan Exiles.

I concur.

Fantastic job funcom.
Thrall pots are easy to use and cover a good distance. Nice to be savagely beaten in asagarth again. Have been waiting all day to do midnight grove with friends and just completed it. Looks fantastic, prob too easy for lvl 60 but its not intended for that, perfect difficulty for newer guys.
If this is the standard for all the upcoming dungeons it will be great for the game.

Great idea letting people get used to thrall feeding before the pets arrive.

The wait has been tough as I’ve been seeing less and less on the server, but I feel like this patch has renewed my enthusiasm for the game.


Are your wells working? Mine have not been working since 13.08.2018. This is approaching 2 months, and only started after a patch that was to have fixed broken wells. I am not running any mods, only a vanilla C.E. I’m glad you enjoyed the Midnight Grove. I’m tired of carrying four water skins, to be safe.

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Rebuild it. The fix doesn’t seem to be retro-active. Besides… use Mitra Fountain. Cheaper and always works. Even indoors on a foundation. (unless you wanna use fish traps on a large well, then i understand)

Does this still work?

I wouldn’t know ^_^;; I always live directly on water.

I have noticed that your thirst seems to deplete faster with this patch.
Bit of a bummer.

They already said they didn’t fix the wells yet.

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Balanced for groups, not so much if one is playing solo/co-op.

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That’s what mods are for :smiley: Well, on PC anyways.

actually they did not nail it- they broke stuff again like always.


I saw a guy melt the whole dungeon solo by bringing a thrall with him.

That’s what they’re for, use them.


This is wrong. The sentiment is good but there are bugs in the latest patch. Crashes. Disappearing buildings. I just got disconnected on a server with a weird error message. My friend consistently has the game crash on the server we play on even with name plates off. Funcom have not nailed anything in terms of quality control.


This is the most stable patch you have released, due to our patch history I was expecting the worst… but you did it just right. Many changes and yet I havent run across any issues, Good job!