Thank you Funcom so much for the new real nights

I must say im in love with the new nights. thanks Funcom. Its just another level of cool, it adds so much to the game. You need finally the nightvision potions or torches, and it looks so damn good. Some pics from our base Wolfsbane (still unfinished, but bear in mind everything is made from “real” materials, no spawning in of stuff) :

Wolfsbane by night (click on thumbnail, then on the intermediate picture one more time to see it in full glory)

The Red Tower , alchemical center (no name yet lol), and lotus garden on one picture

The Red Tower and alchemical center from above

The Red Tower from above, with our delving expert, Palpatine. An ingenious fellow, but you got shut down his attempts at building a death star:).

Drunken Wolf Tavern , affter a tiresome day of killing monsters and neighbors, you can relax here with a beer or 10:)

The front of the castle, the center of Wolfsbane.

Even the unfinished interior looks so much better with the new night

Nearby fishing village, you got to get that oil somehow:)

The mead hall, for the worthy warriors only as a taste in this life of Vallhalla:)

The mysterious green rock. There is no door, but some say strange sounds come from the inside.
(I masked the entrance with little swamp pool, courtesy od Shadow of Skelos mod:):slight_smile: .Im very proud of this idea so i had to write it lol. )

The evil altar of Set guarded by the fearsome scorpions. Also makes a killing selling the patented set antidote, invaluable after partying at drunken wolf.

Jhebal Sag, guarded by the children of the wild

So again i love it:). And i dare to say, now that we can see the effects, we can make it even better looking:)


Yes, it adds way more the game in the day/night cycle, Nighteye Potion now has a regular use. It was getting tiring for me with the night times as bright as a cloudy day. Liking it.


Has anyone perchance come across Argossean dream dust yet?

yes try the drunken pirates at violet isle. killing them provides some pieces


Opposite camp, I was just fine not having to repair torches and carry around extra junk to navigate an otherwise pitch black screen.

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Yes, night looks really good.


But you can say this about every component of survival, that everything is just forcing you to spend time preparing/reparing and carrying junk. I mean either its a survival game or it isnt.
I get it you might like only to fight or something else, but it is supposed to be a survival game.

The new Dark is lovely/hateful. I have always enjoyed nights. I have enjoyed the stars and I have generally enjoyed the sounds of the night having lived in areas of the worls wherein there are things out there that would indeed eat you if they could get close enough.

But not in Siptah anymore… Now it’s very careful sneaking about, jumping at every noise and knowing that most of the noises mean you are indeed being stalked - and now it’s not just other players. Amazing. Love it. Welcome back Adrenaline Rush. Hi to you Raging Panic. And a big hug to you old friend Withering Terror - my hind-brain remembers you all from back when we were ‘Food’.

Brilliant job Funcom. Spiders of Exiled Lands now seem like kindergarten.

ps: and it’s a small ‘ps’, but daytime Ash/Burnt Lands might need a teeny, tiny scootch of a nudge up so we definitely know when night is falling or have a base-build in there so we have time to run away?


Come and join the followers of Jhebbal Sag and you will have vision in the darkest of nights…

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Spent plenty of time in this game managing the dark, well before there were potions and gear to help. And I can decidedly tell you it does not add anything to the survival aspect of the game for me. Its just dark, thats all. It doesn’t get more dangerous, it just gets more annoying.


For me its much more involved then hunger or thirst, and even in PVE changes night exploring/raiding. But lets agree to disagree, I accept you see it differently.

I love the darker nights so freaking much

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