Rebalance DLC weapons please

some of the DLC weapons and shields are truly beautiful and I would love to use them more, but unfortunately the iron variants of weapons and shields are supremely under-powered, they said this is done before so it isnt pay to win yet I feel like I have just paid to lose when it comes to the weapons, even the endgame star metal variants could do with a re-balancing, because I have zero incentive to use them when they do less damage then a hardened steel weapon such as the king slayer and even less so when I have dragonbone.

it would also be good to have additional tiers of the weapon (steel, hardened steel) so they actually see some mid game use instead of only being potentialy viable (with adjustments) for only 10 levels early game, because right now the only thing to do with the DLC weapons is to hang them on a wall if you think they are pretty.


I’d love to see a rework of ther UI a bit, so you can click on the weapon/tool icon, then it asks which tier you want to build it, so stone,steel, Star Metal etc.
This way you could have all the DLC weapons at each and every tier tier, as well as clearing up the crafting UI a fair bit.


I’d be happy if the DLC weapons were simply reskin options of the various non-legendary weapons.

For instance, let’s say I own the Aquilonian and Yamatai DLCs and I want to craft a new star metal greatsword. In addition to the Star Metal Greatsword recipe, why not also display recipes for Aquilonian Star Metal Greatsword and Yamatai Star Metal Greatsword. Let them all have the same exact stats (and the same options for Flawless, etc. versions), but their appearances are all that’s different.

I understand not wanting to go the pay-to-win route, but purposefully gimping DLC weapons (when all we want from DLCs are new options for expressing our creativity) is just hurtful to those providing the most ongoing financial support.

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Yup. They missed the mark with DLC weapons. Why bother going through all the trouble of creating things that will never get used? I’d suggest a special crafting option, like they do with pets. Tribal pets and the yamatai pets. Simply add a special DLC crafted component and the non-DLC pet gets new DLC skin.

So let’s call it “Imbue”

legendary 2 handed sword, plus Yamatai alchemical base + yamatai 2 handed sword = yamatai 2 handed sword with matching traits of the legendary weapon. Now the legendary weapon is destroyed.

Something like that should work, right? Get the good looks of DLC and the good attributes+damage+lighting effect of the legendary.

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Hmm, concealing Legendaries might be contentious in PvP, but I’d sure love it for PvE! :slight_smile:

Using the same idea you’re talking about with the tribal pets, for changing the appearance of non-legendaries, perhaps have a “weapon polish” for each DLC theme that reskins whatever standard weapon or epic weapon you put it on into one with the DLC theme’s appearance. Naturally, the weapon should still be able to accept a weapon fitting, since it would only be a cosmetic change.


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