Tie DLC Weapon Stats to Iron/Star Metal Tier

Its currently not possible to create a Mod for Conan Exiles that modifies the stats on DLC weapons. The weapons do not even appear on the Item Table in any form or fashion.

What this means is when you modify weapons for purposes of server balance or different playstyles, these weapons either become OP or Fall behind depending on the route the mod takes. Its understandable that we do not wish for the DLC images or values to be modified in the item table since it could allow us to bypass the paid DLC requirement.

Instead I would suggest that the DLC weapons be tied to their Iron and Star Metal weapon counterparts. What this would mean is if you change the value on a Iron Sword, the Aquilionian and Khitan Sword would inherit the items stat values.

This would allow for us to mod weapons freely without fear of the DLC content becoming obsolete.

I bring this up as a concern because my Archery Mod:


Adjusts the values of all Bows and Arrows. But the Aquilonian and Khitan Bows cannot be altered. They remain in a ‘nerfed’ state and are pretty much not usable. This is a shame for those who use the mod and have those DLCs.


This is done on purpose because DLC is a money income for funcom to generate some revenue. If they had left it in the item table you could be an ■■■■■■■ and copy it and rename gave everyone free dlc. Which is why this is the case.

There has been some talks experimental stage maybe never. That we could get some Mod table edit that just only does Column such as (Item star bow ) let change the damage alone so that when merge will edit it. but Like i said it was all talks at one point dunno if they will revisit and give us one.

You need to read the whole post.

That’s why I said to tie the stats directly to their Iron and Star Metal counterparts. Otherwise they become worthless in modded play. Worthless DLC means no money made by Funcom. I didn’t ask for them to be modded directly so I could bypass the restriction.

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Oh then that sound alright… but would need extra coding to match them. Eh it would be nice. but would depend on if their C++ code would allow such a thing since in practice would be easy to implement but would run the risk of mis-matched information. I support this idea alot.

But they did say at one point they might revisit the whole thing and make a cosmetic thing actually cosmetic only to allow better transparency and less likely of mis-matched value. Lets bet on that instead.

This gave me an idea. Instead of learning how to make DLC weapons, we learn cosmetic weapon kits. They function like regular weapon kits, but apply the DLC image over an existing weapon.

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pretty much all of the weapon type use the same type socket so in other yes this can be done but at what cost will it hinder and what bugs can it bring out etc. And how do you determine which weapon can be applied with this. Although i just thought about to lessen the system would be nice to do iron for less and star metal as only those type of weapon can get the cosmetic option

The way I see it, and I don’t know how’d they make it work, but if you use a Khitan damage mod on an axe, it becomes a Khitan Axe, same kit in a Spear becomes a Khitan spear.

Ehhh id rather see something like Crafting this item generate the “Iron-sword” but with a modifier will change the Mesh and icon such as Oh you created “Khitan iron-sword” The Word Khitan determined its new mesh. Rather then using an Item ID you can use Game item own modifier system to determine the mesh it will use. Thus would cut down on the Item table blowing up and they could create an data table Mesh look up Just for DLC. And or this could serve as a faster way to introduce modding new weapon and armor without needing to add more Item table ID.

They could even do the same to Every bonuses as well like if modifier has Grit then +1
Temper control Flawless item as well. They could even use this to make a looting an item to have a new depth of randomization.

In fact many MMO and some RPG use Name and modifiers to give stats while adding mesh without needing to add each item as an individual item. Take World of Warcraft. It doesn’t have every item listed in a spread sheet. The name is what give different flavor of weapon. Like Sword of the flame Gives it 10+ and 10+ flame damage. It know to add 10+ flame to it.

Thus would help with their Art team and DLC to get out alot faster since all they would ever need to do is create a system of where when adding a recipe you could just force make the new game item to have a new modifier name. and use that to look up the mesh to use. So 10010 Might be Iron sword or Khitan Iron sword based on a modifier.

Same can be applied to armor and building pieces… although i think building piece should stay the same since of how it works.

you know what funny they arleady have this system for their NPC Thrall. Which is cool Ive alway wonder why they didnt do it with armor and weapons. it wouldnt be much more then a Data table reorganization

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