Restore damage for Serpent-man weapons

Serpent-man weapons have become absolutely useless, presumably thanks to this one post.

Serpent-man weapons were not any kind of super effective option, just a choice you could make to be distinctive and take a trade-off of recipe difficulty vs material availability.

There’s no reason to use them anymore. Bring them back.


There’s little reason to use many of the crafted weapons or armors, and that’s a problem - particularly since it’s become rather easy to get legendary weapons. There should be more diverse stats on different items that give them varied strengths and weaknesses, but there is a clear reluctance to introduce complexity that would complicate PvP balance. It’s frustrating, because PvP balance right now appears to have clear and uncontested best options in terms of weapons, armors, followers, etc. It’s understandable that there isn’t staff to support continuous tuning to make sure PvP doesn’t break, but the result of extremely simple gear (and follower) hierarchies is that you end up with almost all content in the game being used briefly while leveling then never again.


Just recently got the recipe again and I didn’t even know it had been nerfed until now. Abomineer is right they are basically useless. You might as well use dragon bone. I will admit that at one point the cost per damage level was a little unbalanced in favor of serpentman weapons but we have gone way to far in the other direction. The pendulum swings I suppose.

Balance is a tricky thing, but I would like to see the devs find a way to make more of the weapons and armor useful again at level 60. As Zayzane states so many are relegated to having temporary usefulness while leveling (which is a pretty brief period let’s be honest) and then become completely useless despite being really cool looking. This goes for DLC weapons and some armors too. I’m not sure what the answer is, I’m not necessarily a fan of skins like Ark uses but I would like to see a new system for weapon and armor functionality that would make more of them viable. There are so many weapon and armor options in this game, but if you are looking to maximize your players stats and performance, all that variety quickly narrows down to a few key items. And they don’t always look pretty together.

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They could have just changed the recipe to make them more expensive, but nooooooooo, let’s blast a nuke to kill a fly. Problem solved.

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The PvP balance has fairly consistently to cut down crafted items deemed excessively strong rather than boosting their costs. This makes a certain amount of sense as far as prioritizing limited resources goes - e.g. you need star metal for the best crafted gear and star metal is regionally limited so clans can be motivated to engage in area control - but the only benefit of this style of balance is motivating territory control in PvP… and given the ease with which legendary weapons can be obtained at this point, even that seems like its value is limited.

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I agree. Serpentman weapons have now gone the way of the way of their fellow, once useful Acheronian and Obsidian weapons before them; nerfed to death.

Can we please stop this zealous approach to nerfing everything…!? Whatever happened to #Babysteps…?

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