Serpentman Weapons - Damage Values

SinglePlayer / No Mods

Normal Serpent-Man Axe 51520 - 47 dmg
Exceptional Serpent-Man Axe 51521 - 47 dmg
Flawless Serpent-Man Axe 51522 - 48 dmg

I guess the values are wrong because every other serpent-man weapon has +1 dmg for the next tier. In addition, for some of the weapons the armor penetration increases with the tier and for some not. Not sure if this is intended. Example:

Serpent-man War Spear 51514 - 44 dmg / 8% AP
Exceptional Serpent-man War Spear 51515 - 45 dmg / 9% AP
Flawless Serpent-man War Spear 51516 - 46 dmg / 9% AP


Serpent-man Warhammer 51523 - 49 dmg / 31% AP
Exceptional Serpent-man Warhammer 51524 - 50 dmg / 33% AP
Flawless Serpent-man Warhammer 51525 - 51 dmg / 35% AP


Really good to see you back. Keep after it. :+1:


Hey @Narelle

Thanks for the observation. It’s been relayed to our team.

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Did the serpent-man weapons cause some kind of a problem? They were never the best around, just convenient.

Kind of capricious, and disappointing to see my typical boring-use weapon become worse.

I really don’t understand the nerf here. No explanation provided. Can’t say they were meta either as there were plenty of options available of comparable or better quality.

They could do us all a big service by providing explanation behind this kind of change. If they want player feedback on updates like this, then let us know what the thinking was so we can help.

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The nerfs of Serpentmen and Havoc & Malice and Tornado blades is really strange…

Did ever someone see a complain thread? Did someone complain about them?

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Great questions - I know I haven’t. IMO the serpent man weapons from Day 1 of launch have actually been some of the most ‘balanced’ and reliable weapons in the whole game when looking at all options available. Changing them was unnecessary.

I have to be honest I think they just enjoy the gasp of their player base when they do something like this, no need for it, but now why bother going to the volcano for weapons when lets be honest many almost as good or better, waste of time to go for that recipe now. Wonder just what other nerfs will be found that they did not add to the patch notes, always something hidden.

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