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Was hoping to gather more data/validation on how armor penetration works, I want to find the best suited weapons for pvp (I know that for pve armor pen is really good on stacked NPCs, maces/2hhammers).
I’ve researched a bit and to my understanding, currently Armor pen or straight damage? - #13 by Xevyr armor pen works in a way that it just subtracts the same amount of % from the DR % from armor.

So people are mostly running around with skelos cultis master’s armor sets (600ish armor with T4 thrall and master plating) 55% DR with kurak leggings or rangers armor (168 armor T4 shieldwright with Master plating) which is 25% DR, and to my understanding, I would need 55% armor pen to fully negate the armor from the skelos set or 25% armor pen for the rangers.

Is this math/formula correct or not?

Right now the golden middle ground would be upgradable/craftable 2handed swords with 36% armor pen and 79 damage like the Forlorn greatsword or even 2H hammers with 60% armor pen and 68 damage like the dragonebone maul.

I will need to do some testing, or if anyone has attack multipliers for each weapon that would also work, right now I don’t see the reason why people are going for more raw damage with the great axes when it only has 12% armor pen (UPGRADED), unless the multipliers are so good, it’s better to go for some more damage than reduce their DR with some AP.

All spreadsheets, insight and math is welcome!

I didn’t do any research. Just crafted all starmetal weapons and played with them for a bit to get a feel of how they performed. Did the Wine Cellar multiple times with different weapons and I found the 2handed starmetal great axe to be a beast. 2handed hammer is too slow for my taste, while every other weapon except great axe is just underperforming.

I think that adding a test dummy with floating damage numbers to the game would be a really good addition. We have nothing in the game to test our builds/thralls other than doing a quick math while we stare at our foes health bars.

I also did some tests on Age of War testlive, but since things are not final/subject to change, i won’t bother too much with the data I got. I’ll have to wait until patch goes live.

tldr: used to be a dagger user, but right now great axe is where I feel entertained.


I feel like the most important factor should be the running attack, seems to me all 3 of the 2 handed variants have the same animation speed.

I am looking for numbers and data though, I want to min/max for efficiency.


Not. Armor penetration was changed in 3.0 to make armor more viable and is now a percentage.

55% AP would only reduce 55% DR to 24.75%.

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Yea, that’s old, I deleted that post in case anybody lands there again :slight_smile:

Amor penetration is multiplicative to damage reduction % (NOT armor value)

Your new damage reduction will equal your old damage reduction x (1 - attackers armor pen percentage).

For example if you would take a hit of 250 and have 70% damage reduction from armor normally you would take 0.3x 250 = 75 damage

But if your attacker also has 20% Armor penetration, then it would look like this:
0.7*(1-0.2) = 0.56
So you would have 56% damage reduction remaining thus would take 0.44x 250 = 110 damage.

(I would like to point out though that in ~3 weeks the game is updating and all of this might turn upside down again :smiley: )


This is just a quick anecdotal experience, and I was trying to avoid getting ganked by something nasty. But I did notice some weapons not performing as well as I thought they should in Public Beta. But I’ll need to run some numbers to see if something wonky is happening.

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That is most likely due to the fact that they decided… after several years… to suddenly start using separate heavy damage values for ALL weapons… :man_facepalming:

(Up to now for most weapons light and heavy damage was the same and the heavy combos just used a higher multiplier on it - instead of balancing from there, they individually changed the heavy damage on stuff - also causing a bit of a nightmare for modders… wiki editors… and all that good stuff… )

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There we go, thank you so much Xevyr, you’ve been very active in the community for years I see, big props to you!

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Star metal great axe 82 damage T4 Bladesmith, 87 dmg and 12% pen master weapon kit:
55%DR= 0,45 x 87 = 39,15 damage
12%AP= 0,55x (1- 0,12)= 0,55x 0,88= 0,484= 48,4%DR
0,516x87=44,892 damage

66dmg/ 45%AP hammer.
0,55x(1- 0,45)= 0,55x0,55=0,3025= 30,25%DR
0,6975x 66=46,035damage

If I understood correctly, these should be the damage numbers, BUT, strength and attack multiplier based on weapon type should be accounted for, I do not know/have the strength or attack/damage multiplier based on the weapon type or light/heavy attack, can you help me out with this @Xevyr ?

Thanks so much!

That’s a Freudian slip if I ever saw one.


Primary attribute is +5% per point, secondary attribute is +0.5% per point.

That is… less easy to provide. Every attack in a combo from every weapon has its own multiplier. AoW is going to make it even more of a mess.

From my testing on the beta, nothing has changed with weapon armor penetration from the posts above. An enemy with 50% DR hit with a weapon that has 50% armor pen will reduce the incoming attack by only 25% (50 dr * .5 armorpen). There are a few more enemies now with higher armor so keep this in mind before picking up a 0 armor pen axe.

I’ve already noticed another multiplier on top of combo multipliers for Heavy attacks. Example: Axe’s 1st HA is clearly stated at 1.2 in the patch notes but I’m getting 1.3 - 1.36 with a lvl 0 character. Super fun stuff there, but might be a bug?


I am assuming the primary attribute is written on the weapon itself, but did not know that the secondary provides any kind of bonus, thank you.

I had seen a spreadsheet at some point, but lost it and it might have been outdated since 3.0

Each combo section has its own damage modifier, so that’s based on the attack animations.
A certain weapon types first light attack can have one modifier, while the second one a different… etc.

For example here’s the Great-axe:

  • 1st light: 0.6
  • 2nd light: 1
  • 3rd light: 0.6
  • 4th light: 1
  • 1st heavy: 1.5
  • 2nd heavy: 1.5
  • 3rd heavy: 1.75
  • 4th heavy: 2.25

I’m not going to list the rest since there’s no point and the calculations get heavy… you can literally go and download my damage meter mod and test all the weapons in single player or something, a million times easier and more fun since the work was already done for you, even measures effective DPS not just hits :smiley:

Nope, not a bug… In Age of War… Funcom suddenly realized after years that they have separate damage fields for light and heavy weapons… and while up to now these were identical and the damage increase for heavy hits was done based on the combo stage modifier that you mentioned above…
now the base damage values are also separate… as they did the heavy damage buffing of weapons from there.
So that’s where your difference is coming from… it’s not using the same base value for light / heavy attacks anymore.

This is exactIy what I was Iooking for, I need this for aII weapon types, do you have a spreadsheet?

I wiII do the caIcuIations, I want to decide between daggers/shortsword for agi and on some STR weps as weII.

No, I don’t have a list, unless I make one :smiley: which is pointless since you don’t know how damage is calculated anyway unless I tell you that too… .

But then you won’t know the animation timings… since it doesn’t matter how much damage a weapon inflicts if you don’t know how fast / frequently you can deal that damage… so you’ll just end up spending a bunch of time calculating something that will ultimately be much less useful than literally measuring the DPS of weapons :man_shrugging:

Again, just go use the mod :stuck_out_tongue: here, Pixelcave made a presentation youtube video in case you’re curious…

Edit: Actually I couldn’t make you a list even if I wanted to anymore since I updated my devkit to the Age of War version and those values have been changed… The game will update in 3 weeks anyway so any calculations you make wouldn’t last long.

Thanks so much for your continuous inquiries.

I wouId Iike to Iearn/know more about the the animation timings, animation durations n such, Iike I’m said I’m Iooking for the perfect weapon for me.
Does everyone weapon stagger the same duration on hits?
Difference in attack animations and/or possibiIity of canceling.

I’m not sure why you think the information wouId not be usefuI for me, I’m mostIy Iooking for running attack range, damage muItipIiers and animation time on weapons, mainIy I’m Iooking into daggers vs shortsword atm ( I know daggers Iike the dagon ones are getting a nerf, idk about the start metaI shortsword but it deaIs more damage (idk about the actuaI dps I downIoaded ur mod but haven’t done any testing yet)) honestIy I don’t even care about the DPS, that’s more PVE oriented, I’m Iooking for 1 to max 3 chain hits for PVP.

I feeI Iike the best chain u can puII off woId be around 3 hits with daggers Iight attack or shortsword heavies/Iights (I’m taIking about good pIayers that won’t stand stiII and Iet you chain them) so DPS on animaIs or thraIIs is useIess to me, but ok, good to know.

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