Armor penetration

I play SP. I just disagree with how armor is done, especially since the armor pen gear upgrade only gives you 10% bonus and sunder isnt effective enough. My strategy so far is to just switch to knives and use poison/bleed to DOT out the bullet sponges…even on my barbarian with star metal. I think the strength spider spear poisons…and then there’s the death grenades…but it doesnt fit the feel of the character. Is there a mod or a way i can add a flat +30% to everything? My alternate option is to just increase my damage output whenever i get a boss alone

May help if you indicate what type of weapon you are trying to use. Possibly your build.

Sunder is actually pretty darn good the way it is.

On one server i use sunder exclusively and i chew through all undead world bosses. No bleed no poison. Only star metal

On another server i use all three with Eldelrium weapons. I still chew through all world bosses.

Different stat builds too on each.


I tried bringing a warhammer modded for armor penetration. Already seeing a difference. Bring my sword for the sabre kitties and use hammer on…everything else

You didn’t really elaborate on this… “how armor is done”… as in… its existence… or rather the amounts certain creatures have? or which part?
I mean armor is obviously an integral part of pretty much any game of similar genre and even your character is using it to protect itself.

You really don’t need either of those options… you need a good one-handed mace… some poison perhaps or the Blade of Seven Winds from Red Mother. (completely negates armor).

But yes, if you tell us what you’re fighting and how then we can give some tips. Pretty much any boss is killable in single player in under a minute or two on vanilla settings without the need for any health or damage rebalancing, except for Thunderfoot… because he’s got both high HP AND high armor as opposed to other bosses having one or the other so he typically takes a while

Actually it is next to useless on the targets where you really really need it… and not really needed on the others :smiley: So… Sunder is a bit of a… “meh” atm. It’s useful on the very few targets that have mediocre armor amounts.

I’ve never learned to use a mace effectively. So I give one to my thrall. Sometimes. More often than not, a two-handed sword because we’re fighting crowds rather than bosses.

But when it comes to bosses, if I can’t bother to bring a specific weapon or haven’t found a specialized one for armor-cracking, all it takes to bring down one of these idiotic high-armor bosses is a little more time and patience. But that’s a me problem, not a game design problem, if I try to kill something with a 99 % damage reduction with a weapon with 0 armor penetration.

Agree. The sunder stacks should last longer.
It was 10% armor reduction with each stack, right? And stacks being additive?

Would be nice if cripple and sunder remain a little longer.

Armour pen however… its one of the almost useless thing in PvE content.

Edit: You don’t really have to think about armour pen that much in PvE content, its obviously not completely useless.

Should it? Take harpy daggers or harpy pike and hit a friend once and tell him to move away.

I think so yeah, keeps people from running away all the time :')
I don’t like chasing

Don’t have access to those in the EL and no server transfers.

As it sits, in the exiles lands status effects aren’t even useful outside of living creature boss fights.

Specter Coating and Sunder count as status effects and those are useful against undead.

Throwing weapons, bows, poison arrows, bomb PvP, 2h spear, herbal tea for stamina regen boost, cat pets, sprint attacks…
All this helps against runners. If I see more complains about runners I can only roll my eyes…


Yeah there’s a solution for everything doesn’t make it the best solution :')
I said “would” be nice, I don’t mind if they stay the same as currently is

Do you like doing 2-5 damage per hit to something with 4,000-5,000 health?

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What’s your question?

The reason why I said that is even (for example) killing the arena champion can be done super easy without armour pen.

I wasn’t talking about the Arena Champion. There is a few non-boss type NPCs that have several thousand armor with damage reduction of over 90%.

Having at least 20% Armor Pen is going to significantly reduce your time to kill in PVE for most NPCs.

Ahh yeah, it does matter
I didn’t mean it like completely useless but something you don’t really need to take in consideration.

A quick question if I may - which one of the following statement about Armor Penetration is correct?

A) it works on armor value
If my enemy has 1000 armor, my weapon has -20% ap, the final armor value becomes 800?

B) it works on reduction percentage
If my enemy has 80% reduction, my weapon has -20% ap, the final reduction becomes 60%?


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It’s not their duration though that’s the issue, thou yea it sucks when it falls off just as you’re about to refresh it.
The main issue in fact isn’t Sunder itself, but rather the amounts of armor various creatures have. The gap is just too ridiculous.
It goes from creatures having almost no armor to having several thousands where Sunder loses effectiveness because even half of that is ridiculously high.

Is it? :slight_smile: I actually think it’s more useful in PvE than PvP, since players cannot get enough armor where you can’t even touch them and Sunder is actually quite well tuned for player armor amounts.
Sure, you can alternatively bleed / poison things like the Arena Champion and wait till those ticks of 32 damage slowly kill her, but half the people poop themselves at the sight of a Rockslide :smiley:
Look at what armor pen can do to it…

It’s the second one, Arp reduces the reduction itself by simply subtracting from the damage reduction percentage

So like @SirDaveWolf mentioned above, Sunder on the other hand works by reducing the armor value by 10% per stack so 50% total.
That’s why I’m saying it’s not very useful where it matters the most.

For example the thing with the highest armor in the game is the Arena Champion / Judge (on Siptah), they have almost 19k… half of that is still almost 10k… so you didn’t accomplish much…
In their case 5 stacks of Sunder is equal to 2.47% Armor penetration…

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Such complexity!
Sunder and Armor Penetration work differently!
I used to think with 5 stacks of sunder and 50% ap I can negate all armor.
Apparently it didn’t turn out as expected.
Now I know why. Thank you for explanation!