Fix armor pen for PvE servers

So I have a chest of awesome legendary weapons I’ve accumulated and many of the new ones have excellent armor penetration stats. I equip them and get very unsatisfactory results on ALL PvE content. So I went to run some tests.

Take a couple Huntress bows, put a spike kit on one and damage kit on the other. Go shoot everything. Tested all bosses and regular mobs in UC and also the Warmaker dungeon. In every case, the damage boosted bow did better.

Did the same with the Musashi’s katana. Always better damage with the damage mod version vs armor pen modded katana.

Was running a UI mod that shows exact damage output for each hit, so am not guessing which was hitting harder.

Solution request:
Lower HP on PvE content, but greatly increase the armor. Dragons, crocks, rhinos should have more like 1000 armor and not the 50-100 they have now. Cimmerian beserkers and higher tier fighters should have 500+ armor, not 50 (or whatever it is now).

So up the PvE NPC, mobs and bosses armors, then reduce their health to balance it, then PvE players will have a reason to use half of the weapons that drop.

A lot of effort has been put into making PvP weapon choices interesting. Let’s do the same for PvE weapon choice.

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