Armor pen or damage?

Alright i really want to know once and for all what is better between these 2 mods. I play on a PvE server and im currently in the end game. I spend most on my time in the unnamed city to farm bosses and i want to know what is better between armor pen mod and damage mod. What i did was putting armor pen on hammers and damage on everything else. Is what i did is bad or good?

PvE = Damage because mobs dont have a lot of armor
PvP = AP Because players do have a lot of armor:)

Thats how i play it.

For pve and what u seek to do (killing bosses) id go for spiked fitting… more pen means easier dmg.

Not sure completely how the numbers truly work, but to me once you get the legendary weapons and such that have 50+ damage, armor pen is a bigger boost. You get +6 dmg or +15% armor pen. So Basically anything 50+ is only getting a @10% or less damage buff added. Most things outside Hammers are less than 20% armor pen, so in essence you are doubling the armor pen % or more. Could be wrong though.

A lot of people told me already to go for dmg mod cause of the low armor of PvE ennemies. They tell me to go for spiked mod in PvP cause of the players that wears armor are up to 800 armor compared to a boss who have less than 90. Im just really not sure but for me, it make sense that dmg mod is for PvE and armor pen is for PvP. But i might be wrong too.

So either way, if the armor pen is better in PvE and PvP, funcom should really buff the damage mods. It would go like this. Lv.1= 3, Lv.2= 6, Lv.3= 9.

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I dont understand this really, what do you need armor pen for on a boss that have only 100 armor?
This means you will get 10% of this gone, down to 90 armor, do you really think that will show on any damage what so ever?

In Pvp this will make a huge difference, 800 armor give you 75% damage reduction right?
this means that 10% armor pen would give you 7,5% more dps on that target ok?
This is not bad, and thats why in pvp the spiked will shine.

Now if a boss have 100 armor the damage reduction from armor would be much less, i dont remember but its easily checked in-game, put on some light armor and see if you have around 100 armor and what damage reduction you get, i guess arround 10% damage reduction.
Now remove a armor piece and see what damage reduction you get from going from 100 to 90 armor, not a lot i promise you.
Maybe 1 % damage reduction.
So the choice isn`t really hard, base damage on weapon is far superior on mobs/bosses, generally in pve.

In my opinion this is the exact reason Funcom have implemented different weapon mods, they all have a use specific for them.
If this wasnt the case why is there different ones in the fist place?

I for sure can tell the difference, try using a blundt damage kit on your steel truncheron, helps a lot.

Test it, hit a friend naked, or spawn a thrall and test on him with and without armor.

High armor foe=armor pen
Low armor foe=damage mod

For reference, boss mobs in Conan Exiles dont have a lot of armor, but have a lot of HP.

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Ok thanks a lot. It clears my mind

For me seems that.armor pen rips through bosses an does more dmg than 10 more dmg on a sword… a warhammer seems to chunk off bigger amounts of dmg to bosses like the mother of dragons than lets say an equal sword … have tried both and they make a difference… I also use combinations like thrall on warhammer and me on 2h sword so increasing the armour pen further by stacking sunders… works better till u get some insane dmg sword (yes croms)…

I run a meele build with 40 accu, add spiked and i rip through everything like they had armor made off butter.

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