Blade of adventurer

Should i apply weapon fitting or damage kit to the sword?
Btw i will not use it its for my thrall whats better damage or armor pen for thralls?

dmg kit, without any hesitation

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Thank you :blush:

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What will you be fighting? If it’s anything with armor, you will want the Spiked Fitting, as the Blade of the Adventurer has 9% Armor Penetration out of the shrinkwrap.

76DMG + Advanced Upgrade -> 82DMG and durability of 967.5
9%AP + Spiked Fitting -> 24% Armor Penetration and durability of 1080


Haven’t really studied what DMG really does, but in % 6 more damage is about 8% more. so +15% pen > +8% dmg, plus more durability with the pen.

ill be fighting the boss on unnamed city xD my thrall does most of the damage that’s why im giving the sword to him

Damage for most PVE content. Armor Pen for PVP.

I have one of each. Damage out performs on most creatures and even bosses. Or most bosses.

Armor Pen will bypass a good amount of damage mitigation.

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