What fittings to use on weapons and armors?

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New topic, but it is your fault, your help is too efficient! In my clan we are now crafting epic gear (thanks to the advice on how to loot the resources). We are still missing a T4 Blacksmith but we will keep looking. However I am wondering what fittings I should use on my weapons and armor. I am playing PVE with Star Metal War Axe and Aquilonian Guardsman Epic*.

Anyways, I am not sure what fitting to use on those epic crafts (I do not have special fitting recipes). Do you have any advice? Does Armor Penetration is interesting in PVE (Spiked Weapon Fitting)? I was going for the Advanced Blunted Weapon Fitting but without to be sure…

For armor is have really no idea. I have tried Thick Armor Plating on another armor without seeing any difference. At low level I was mainly using Armor Reduction Kit to reduce encumbrance.

*I like the Aquilonian vibe but I assume I should go on a heavy armor with Strength damages for dungeons? Something like Hyperborean Slaver Epic?

Thanks again!

The blunted weapon fittings switch a part or all of the weapon’s lethal damage to concussive damage, i.e. they change your weapon into a club to knock enemies unconscious.
That is not something that will impress the undead or most monstrous creatures :wink:

I use fittings that enhance damage, IF the weapon has good armor penetration.
If damage is already good, but armor penetration low (axes!), then I use the spiked fitting to enhance armor penetration. Almost every enemy you can encounter has some kind of armor, so getting at least some armor penetration should be good.

Armor fittings depend on what you want to do.
Wear heavy armor early in the game? Reduce the weight.
Want to climb while wearing full armor? Flexibility Kits (though it is much easier to just doff some armor pieces for the climb and don them afterwards again).
Enhance the armor value? Additional plates.

Do not forget that a lot of these fittings lower the durability of the item, thus if the weapon or armor has low durabilty to begin with (Brittle Bastard comes to mind), it may not take a fitting too well. If durability is very low after putting on the fitting, the item can still be used by thrall without losing durability.

I always use master weapon fitting for weapons. You say you don’t have it, but rather than looking for alternatives I’d suggest you run the dungeon (not too hard when you’re already in epic gear) and then upgrade your weapons.

As for armor, it depends on how much you want to carry around. I usually use bulked plating (again, just go get it instead of using inferior upgrades) for light and medium armor, and armor reduction kit for heavy.

for armour i use the rather odd advanced durability kit (as well as for shields) , making armour way more durable (so lessen the repair costs) . for weapons i go mostly for spiked fitting (the master weapon fitting that is suggested above is one i really do not like as it halves the hp of anything it touches , (so meh for me)

for thralls use armour plating as the weight does not affect thralls at all…
for a t 4 blacksmith harvest the meadowwatch village north east of New Asgaard and sooner or later beri will be seen there (blacksmith that can also craft the legendary weapon repair kit making ur legendaries a go go option)

about which armour to wear ,it all depends on ur build… how u shared ur attributes? this will determine what armour u will wear at the end…

Thanks all for your feedbacks!

:upside_down_face: indeed it is good to know. I did put one on a Steel Truncheon is it useful or stupid also?

Interesting, I did not know that!

Yes, it is time for us to try dungeons indeed… enough procrastination!

You are right maybe just durability is good on the long run :thinking: And if I am good enough in dodging, it will even last longer :stuck_out_tongue: I am not sure to understand your comment on the Master Weapon Fitting. You mean that durability of equipment is reduced by half?

Noted, we will try tonight!

This is my current “build”. I used commas as I did it while I was leveling without any goal in mind or knowledge of the end-game.

there r better truncheons in game (like szeth’s) , so harvest some more to seek em out.

The master weapon fitting does increase the damage out put and the penetration values , but litterally halves the hp of any weapon it is apllied to. i personally do not like it as the advantage i get (from pen and dmg increase - for me at least- does not compensates for the durability loss the weapon suffers in order to have the bonusses)

We went there but we did not had luck (although we use the travel to bring back Lian). And while checking Sepermeru, I did run into a Tempersmith so she is the wheel now.

I think it is a good idea to check for the wine cellar (and maybe get the Truncheon) and use this opportunity to bring back a Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker fighter.

Thanks again!

as for my builds i prefer two specific builds that i use either to harvest tons per walk (the one i refer to as harvester build) or the one i prefer to hunt (dungeons enemies , bosses etc - which i refer as the fighter build) they work for me and they r based on some gear i have harvested and gathered exactly for this part.

1st the harvester:

adjusted to harvest tons of materials while maintaining the basics (for lets say ko thralls). this build is not ideal for fighting , but can also do ok due to large hp pool (works fine for me)

the boosts u see r aplied only through gear. The bonus in encumbrance is any vanilla normal armour ( i prefer wearing poitain medium -as i like it more aesthetically) , but any vanilla armour would do. so the +7 u see on encumbrance comes from the armour (except headgear)

the survival boost is +10 from headgear ( Mask of the Witch Doctor)
and +5 from Shield of Zabweth

this can be boosted further more by black blood tools , but since not all tools exist in Black blood and i prefer a more consistent build that work with all gear.

on this setup u must not forget to always carry repair kits for ur tools as u can cary far more than a tool is able to gather before it breaks… if in danger zone (lets say gathering animal hides in savanah or jungle get a thrall with u… thrall fights and u r the bearer… works magic…

the fighter build
i use has 2 variations (depending on the weapon i use) so if i take with me Yog’s Touch, (keep in mind that i have the one with 54 damage and 55% armour penetration) i use this build:

gear i use is this:
Yog’s Touch (1 h axe)
Black Bruargh’s Fury (shield +5 to agility)
Executioner Hood (heavy armour headgear +3 to strength)
Redeemed Legion Pauldron (chest piece +4 sto strength)
Redeemed Legion Gauntlents (hands +3 to vitality)
Pictish Warchief Leggings (pants +2 to strength - u can also use hyborean slaver if u own no dlcs -i prefer the warchiefs for aesthetics or the champion leggings as it removes corruption and r ideal to boss hunting Unnamed city)
Hyborean Slaver Boots (+2 to strength)
ofc all epic… and the +3 u see on encumbrance i get it from consuming (and carrying with me some elixir of numbings which r super easy to craft …

or when i carry the Axe of the Lion
i use this build:

in which i use exactly the same setup .feel free to try em and let me know if u liked any of those

P.S. there is no wrong build , it all depends on what suits u…
specifically for me the warrior builds r the ones that suit me in an axe… (which is my favourite weapon)… feel free to experiment and adjust ofc depending on ur gear…

the way the New Asgaard works for me is clear NA , gather all steel from there (Asgaardians drop nice loot) , then run on meadowwatch for the taskmaster spawn or the blacksmith, and then go to Nordhof for carpenter… by the time u finish nordhof , NA is respawned so another round of farming steel bars and named npcs the fun way begins.

i personally would rather the volcano npcs over any other thrall faction in game … somehow for me these r the ones who almost never looses aggro… but i am a noob on thralls

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