Predatory blade now

So just got predatory blade last night. Normally throw a spiked weapon fittin on it. Now we have master weapon fitting and the fencing attachment. Which yall think is better?

I’d go for the master kit

You could throw a blunted weapon fitting on it so you can knock NPC’s out with the heavy attacks. :wink:

As for the other kits it really depends on the durability for that weapon, which I don’t know off the top of my head. The master weapon fitting will cost half the durability.

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I like the way you think.

What about the kit which upgrades your LIGHT attack?

Honestly the only weapon I can think about this kit is the PREDATORY blade :smiley:
“Increases light attack damage, but decreases heavy attack damage and durability.”

Reduced durability has every other kit anyway (well, except the durability kit).

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That’s a good point as well. I haven’t checked it out so I don’t know how much damage it adds.

Yeah, me neither… Was to lazy or hoped someone else makes a test with it…

When the “nerf” or “fix” for the Act of violence comes, I will need to use another weapon anyway :smiley: I just postponed it to this date.

Same with Ghast Axe… Have to use this and Yogs touch after the “fix” for my thrall… And for me maybe the Predatory blade :wink:

I opt for the blunt weapon fitting. Just have to mash the right button.

Good question If it could be faster than other truncheons…

But we have so many other truncheons, that a blunted fitting feels kinda wasted…

The move set for the sword would not bw good for a blunted fitting. The fencer fitting is the main thing i was curious about. Guess it time to test it in single player.

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