Predatory Blade is useless to equip thralls with


Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

The Predatory Blade is only good for light attacks. When thralls are equipped with the blade, they try heavy attacks and it does nothing. I tested on different thralls, same result.

There has got to be an intrinsic way to tell thralls to only use light attacks. :upside_down_face:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find The Predatory Blade
  2. Give it to different thralls
  3. Notice it doesn’t always do light attacks
  4. thralls make dumb decision to do heavy attacks
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This is known and I believe intentional. Ever tried using Sword of Crom on a player?

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I didn’t find an older post about it. I did look at the search results. I’m hoping it isn’t intentional. No I haven’t tried Sword of Crom. I guess it requires a legendary repair kit.

Predatory Blade is extremely powerful (the highest damage 1H weapon), so I guess they decided that already stupidly powerful thralls should not be able to use it effectively. And players for that matter should not benefit from the improved damage of heavy attacks. Somewhat odd decision, but reasonable.

The Sword of Crom is the highest damage 2H weapon and interestingly they went the opposite direction with that - it drains 100% of stamina, so for players you can only swing it once, rendering it pretty much useless. On thralls it gives some crazy damage and they can swing away (at least before patch 2.3 where they broke weapon combos on most thralls).

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The characteristics of the blade is intentional and I believe noted in the description last I checked. It’s a great blade to throw a blunted fitting on and use as a dual purpose weapon, light for killing, blunt for knocking out.

But on the issue of thralls, no, as you’ve pointed out, no way to tell thralls what type of attack to use, and I doubt funcom will program such an option over one or two weapons that are not useful on thralls.


I have used the Predatory blade with blunt weapons fitting since I came across one. Of course I have made a few mistakes and killed npc by accident. When I got it seemed that is what it was intended for from what I read. Been a couple years.

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