Sword of Crom, The Predator blade, and others should have a No-Thrall flag

There is no indication in game that these weapons are not usable by thralls, as in they will do 0 dmg (Sword of Crom) or have 0 damage for heavy hits (predator blade).

A lot of the older guides still list the sword of Crom in particular as the BIS weapon for thralls which after you nerfed them to do 0 dmg is obviously not the case.

Now, nerfing something to do 0 dmg in itself is a pretty strange design decision which i don’t agree with (why not just reduce the dmg if you thought it was op? and for predator why not have the heavy dmg be the same as light?), but my main issue is that there should be at least some indication in game that that is the case so players are aware of it. Just add a flag to it to the weapon info panel… It would also be nice to be able to have some control over your thralls attacks (3 options light attacks only, heavy only or balance which would be the same as current), but lacking that, swords like the Predator that have 0 dmg on a specific attack should have that flag/tag in the info panel as well.

The tag isn’t going to be enough IMO. All those tags are is text, and in those text fields you can literally type anything into them. They don’t always reflect was is going on and thus are inaccurate at times.

What needs to happen is the thrall won’t even accept these types of weapons.


predatory blade is made to work like that. and thralls do the dmg that is designated to do with it, so why they cannot carry it? it just makes 1dmg on heavy attacks…

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