Thrall player stats ACC+

If you wont change the thralls fighter accuracy, how about implementing Crit Hit on all builds.

So ACC will give you a % to crit hit someone.

Even farming, some games gives you a crit hit on a node that tripples the amount of stones you get.

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We had crit-hit weapon once… FC wasnt able to implement it right, without turning it into a 1-hit-slaughter weapon in PvP…

So FC removed all such weapons

Don¨t they crit no more? I just thought they made it less chance and lowered dmg once they critted, they love the RNG so.

Well the weapon itself has not “crit chance label” anymore. Either with the Mounts patch or even 1 before (when FC balanced it for PvP):
Neither has Shark bite or Doom.

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