Act of violence axe

Since the patch yesterday I am wondering if the act of violence axe got a fix or not? I was reading in a thread that was started 25 days ago or so, that the team knew about it and it would be fixed in the upcomming patch.

Did not see any notes that it was fixed it the patch yesterday. And I still see a ridiculous amount of damage in the critical hit. Only been able to test it on thralls so far since the patch.

So my question is, if its not fixed when will it?


The thing is, is it even broken? It has a crit chance.

How are Shark bite and Doom compared to it?

Shark bite i dont know, but doom is not 1 hitting. it gives critical but not that sick amount.

Its only one-shot for thralls… Human players cannot.

How about a Sword of Crom with dmg oil? Can a thrall one-shot human players in PvP?

Yes, thralls can one shot. But with act of violence axe u are able to one hit players in pvp

Do human players have lesser health & Armor than a relic hunter?
Because I cannot one shot one in PvE. My thrall can

yes, players have less hp then a thrall.

I dont mean enslaved. I mean a normal relic hunter in UC for example.

But its an RNG effect… does it proc so often in PvP?

I am more and more for removing all legendaries in PvP…
Most dont like them anyway and just cry for nerfs If meta shifts to legendary stuff.

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