One-Shot Axe "Act of Violence"

The one-handed axe called “Act of Violence” is one-shotting players on the critical. I assume this is a bug. I play on server 1600 official PvP PC. Almost everyone figured out what this can do and has one so noone wants to pvp in fear of getting killed from full health.

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The doom hammer is also capable of doing this critical hit stuff n what not. I might be wrong here cause most of the time I am but who cares right ? Well anyway I believe they madethe critical hit thingy magingy hit harder but it’s much more rare to prok now than before n it’s on some patch notes I read not so long ago n couldn’t quite clearly understand but I read it anyway n now I’ve forgot which update it was although I do remember this critical hit stuff being mentioned n when I read ur post it hit me cause it wasn’t that long ago I read it on the patch notes yeah

Hey @Bustyoppai

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve sent your concerns to our team so they can look into it.
EDIT: We’ve just received word that this issue has been fixed internally. Should come out within the next patch or two.


Again, your lack of communcation is just…

What was fixed? What was not intended??

Take the context. He’s replying to the thread where the issue being discussed is the weapon one-shotting players.

So they fixed the ability to one-shot players, because the ability to one-shot players was not intended.

All you need is reading comprehension to figure this out. It’s not a lack of communication, it’s a lack of your personal skills.


There are 3 weapons I know which can have a crit chance. Crit chance AFAIK is double the dmg.

So was the crit multiplier false at the Axe? Does the crit chance only proc way too often? Are Doom and Shark-bite having the same issues?

Once it’s released we might add a little more information regarding how it’s fixed but our designers tweaked the critical hit damage of both weapons.
For the how and when, please wait until it’s patched.


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