Predatory blade and attacking issue

Not sure if it’s just me or what but I found a legendary weapon in the unnamed city that’s a one handed sword called “the predatory blade”. I’ve noticed using the heavy attack appears to do very little to no damage. Also when striking an enemy is like it doesn’t bother them and they just attack me right thru my attack. When I get hit I stutter backwards and can’t attack… the npcs should be the same I would think.

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The Predatory Blade is not met for heavy attacks. Its light attacks are what do damage. The heavies were nerfed because the blade does like 90 something damage. If it doesn’t bother them, its the enemy you are fighting. Not sure you meant to say stunned instead of bother but you can’t stun certain enemies.

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Correct. It is meant as a light attack weapon.

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I thought the exact same thing, if It is a light attack only weapon then surely they need to change thralls wielding this to light attack only because they are doing 0 damage a lot of the time using heavy attacks.

Then dont put it on a thrall, problem fixed.

you could say this about everything in the game? it doesn’t fix things. if its not intended as a thralls weapon then so be it.

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