Thrall fighting technique

Is there a page or link that shows which thralls use more light attacks vs heavy or mid? For instance if i place the predatory blade on a thrall does he utilize more light attacks or do i need to find a particular thrall for this?

I would also love to hear from anyone who has any insight into it, it’d be very valuable. My observations so far - a good deal of randomness involved, since thralls have different AIs, and sometimes even same kind of thrall can be different. I tested two Cimmerian Berserkers brought from same spawn point - and one of them couldn’t use one-handed weapon at all, while the other one could. So… for now it’s trial and error for me.

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Before the latest update the Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker swordsman/woman was a good choice to pair with the Predatory Blade. They never apply any cripple that I noticed. Although they did use a heavy first attack. I can’t say what percentage of their first attack was a heavy attack but think it was around 50% or less.

After the update, I couldn’t tell you. I haven’t tested the Predatory Blade in the hands of the Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker swordsman/woman yet.

However, since the update didn’t seem to change attack patterns of thralls you might try this option out. Another one to try would be a Stygian Fighter III from Sepermeru. I think they had the same attack pattern as the Treasure Seeker before the update.

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stick your best heavy armour on your best thrall a 2 handed sword it will kill everything the game has where any armour on yourself use healing arrows if needed otherwise there is nothing more needs saying

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I noticed Eri using the Sword of Crom doesn’t use to many heavy hits. Which is why i think he would use the Predatory blade well. Where my Bearer DonoThelPup uses moe heavy hits where the Sword of Crom would be useful. Wondering if anyone has noticed a page or documentation on different fighting techniques.

When you capture a thrall and break it once you place it they carry there specialty weapon if it’s a two handed sword then any two handed sword would work best for that thrall if it’s a pike then any pike would be best for that thrall if it’s a mace then any mace would be best for that thrall etc etc etc

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I personally think its more one handed vs two handed. If you place a truncheon on a thrall using a two handed weapon, for instance the sword of Crom. The ai gets cofused. But use a truncheon on a thrall using the predatory blade or one handed weapon there seems to be no confusion.

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