New weapon fittings - Tests + Feedback

SinglePlayer TestLive. Official Settings: x1
Test Subject: Relic_Hunter_Archer_4_Hyborian - 825 HP
Attributes: 0

Sword of Crom (Base) - 91 / 13% / 2400 / 5.25 / (764/825 light attack, 752/825 heavy attack)
Master Weapon Fitting - 96 / 25% / 1200 / 5.25 / (756/825 light attack, 742/825 heavy attack)
Fencer Weapon Fitting - 101 / 13% / 1800 / 5.25 / (758/825 light attack, 756/825 heavy attack)
Master Reinforcement Kit - 91 / 13% / 4800 / 10.50 / (764/825 light attack, 752/825 heavy attack)

Reach of the Red Mother (Base) - 30 / 30% / 1500 / 3.50 / (777/825 light attack, 719/825 heavy attack)
Master Weapon Fitting - 35 / 42% / 300 / 3.50 (773/825 light attack, 712/825 heavy attack)
Fencer Weapon Fitting - 40 / 30% / 1125 / 3.50 (770/825 light attack, 728/825 heavy attack)
Master Reinforcement Kit - 30 / 30% / 3000 / 7.00 (777/825 light attack, 719/825 heavy attack)

Master Weapon Fitting – Increases melee damage and armor penetration, but severely cripples a weapon’s durability

  • +5 flat damage + 12% flat armor penetration - 1200 flat durability!?
    Isn’t it better to adjust the durability based on % similar to the other 2 fittings? Unless the intention is to buff certain groups :stuck_out_tongue: See below how it affects the durability of the top damage weapons in each group.
  • The kit also affects the bow dmg due to the increased armor penetration!?

*Once the kit is applied the durability tooltip disappears (it is basically negative in this case) and the weapon breaks after a single hit, thus the suggestion to change the durability to % instead of flat amount.

Fencer Weapon Fitting – Increases light attack damage, but decreases heavy attack damage and durability

  • +10 flat damage - 25% durability
  • Unsure what the exact formula is but light damage is indeed slightly increased in comparison to the base with heavy damage decreased.

Master Reinforcement Kit – Increases Durability of weapons and armor, but also increases weight and decreases resource gathering.

  • +100% durability +100% weight
  • same damage as base

N.B. Potential Issue which may occur in regards to the Master Weapon Fittings:
A lot of people will want to try these fittings and there is currently no way to remove an applied modification kit without using an exploit. Without knowing that the flat durability decrease is 1200, there will be a lot of people with broken/useless weapons with no way to undo the damage. This will be an extremely painful test if applied to some of the rare legendary weapons.


Both Feats (Armor & Weapon Kits) can be obtained by interacting with the two lore stones in the Warmaker’s Dungeon in the final boss room.


When you apply Master Reinforcement Kit to Tools, their harvesting power is reduced to close to 0.

Obsidian Pick no Kit - 8-9 stone per hit (harvesting power 8)
Obsidian Pick with Master Reinforcement Kit - 0 stone per hit (you can see damage on the rock but you don’t get any resources and takes forever to break it for no profit)
Black Blood Hatchet no Kit - 8-9 wood per hit (harvesting power 8)
Black Blood Hatched with Master Reinforcement Kit - 0 wood per hit (you can’t chop the tree no matter how long you hit it)
Setite Ritual Knife with Master Reinforcement Kit - 0 hearts

Is this intended? The only use of this would be to use the increased durability pick to apply poison to enemies in the water :smile:


Thanks @Narelle. Relaying it to our team.

I’m loving your series of tests and working through them to confirm. Up above in the table where it say Flat AP I think it should say Flat HP or Hit Points.

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thank you. used to call the damage, ap (attack points) but changed it to damage to avoid being mixed up with armor penetration

OK good. I couldn’t think “Attack Points” to save my soul. I went through every other iteration perhaps.

A BDO player :laughing: :hides: but I will try to use the full words to make sure we are all on the same page



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