Armor penetration weapon upgrade from 15% to 5%

The armor penetration upgrade for the weapon gets a nerv from 15% to 5%
testlive patchnotes: (Armor penetration kit bonus was lowered from 15% bonus armor penetration to 5%)
i think that is just another buff for the heavy armors, compared to the damage upgrade this is the better choice.
So i think 5% makes pretty much the same damage then ( i dont played the testlive version)
we tested the 15% armor penetration against the damage upgrade with a heavy armor. the armor penetration makes round about 50 more damage with a heavy strike and the 40 strength perk. on light armor the damage upgrade makes 7 more damage than the armor penetration upgrade. we tested it with a dragonbone axe.

we tested it with no agility just 40 vit 40 strenght the rest in grid and enc.

So when you reduce the armor penetration of this kit is this just another big buff for the heavy armor.
yes you can dodge further away with lighter armors but that isnt better sometimes infight.

so what you guys think about it?

Edit: I put all my posts together here

Here the exact numbers with the dragonbone axe:

attacker with 40 strength perk and the guy in heavy 72% damage reduction

On Heavy Armor with 15% upgrade 1 hit 84 dmg
The same with the 5% Upgrade 69 dmg
The damage Upgrade 68 dmg

1 Combo:
15% upgrade 374 dmg
5% upgrade 307 dmg
Dmg upgrade 302 dmg.

So you just balanced the damage and the armor penetration upgrades, why? @Tascha
For all the other Armors the dmg upgrade is better, (more dmg) we tested all

so the Armor penetration upgrade is useless

Full Light Armor(Darfari) - 1 hit
Armor Penetration 5%: 187 dmg
Advanced Damage: 206 dmg

full mid Armor(kambujan) - 1 hit
Armor pen 5%: 148 dmg
damage: 160

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IMHO 5% is a tad extreme of an nerf… i would be ok with 10% (or even 7.5% as absolute lowest)… with 5% i think those penetration mods will be waste of resources… better off with pure 6 points damage then (but i cannot test this yet because i’m on a PS4… this patch will hit us much later… also i’m not an PvP player).

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I fight a lot with my mate, he is in heavy and i am in medium and he has always an advantage in damage reduction, (because he is in heavy) we fight with the same weapons, same mods on it. so with this patch his advantage is just bigger than before. now i have to plan my attacks, i can not just jump in and spam attacks like he can do it.after this patch its just a big buff for him and heavy armors.

maybe someone here has try it on testlive and can say something about it.

any data for analysis?

What kind of data from our fights or from the testlive?

damage from weapon with Armor penetration kit (15%) from live Vs damage from weapon with Armor penetration kit (5%) from test
for different kinds of armors and different amount of damage

No sry, i dont have the testlive installed, we just tryed the damage and the 15% armor penetration mods, i hope someone else playing the testlive and can say how much damage difference is between them, i just know the armor penetration makes round about 50dmg more than the damage mod on heavy armor. he has 74 or 75% damage reduction

but after the patch i think the crafted stay and we can compare them to each other

exactly this is a buff to heavy and SL even further. I gues FC devs wants us to use the other weapons instead to reduce armor by debuffs but this is unrealistic at the current state of the game and weapon animation. I have not seen anything in the patchnotes to compliment this nerf. did I miss anything?

I also think that light amor should be able to roll/dodge more often and medium also at least 2 more times or so.


Yes this is a solution heavy armor 3 dodges, medium 4 and light 5 or something like that.
Heavy armor has to be HEAVY not just stronger.

The dodge speed, distance traveled while dodging and the animation practically takes the dodge mechanic out of the equation for heavy armor users. Unless you go 40 agility, which is a total waste of points.

In my opinion the problem here is not armor penetration nor heavy armor having 70% damage reduction, but rather light and medium having way too low damage reduction. Having 30% or 45% damage reduction is very lackluster considering the average HP pool stands at 460 hp. With hits of raw 100 damage, which is easily attainable, the reduction of light and medium means one stun lock combo kills you.

We may consider rising the armor rating of light to 50%, medium to 65% and leave heavy at 70-78% where it is now. This would be somewhat approximate for epic sets.

On the other hand, dodge is quite powerful and buffing it might be game breaking.

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With the flawless epic Kambujan i have 58% damage reduction with 330 armor.
The flawless epic Dafari with plates its 33% (dont know the armor)
with over 700 armor you have then the 75% damage reduction. so then they have to change tho whole armor system too. the short dodge is in fight not always bad because your close to your enemy to counter attack. the long dodges are good to get the enemy when he is running away or get away from him.

but with the light armor you just can hit, dodge out then heal up, but the opponent also heals up then, so you dont have a chance against a heavy.

with the medium your window is bigger but its also hard to win.( against a fighter with same skill and weapons)

The only good tool you have is the armor penetration mod, and when this get nerfed you have less chances

So giving the Heavy armor just 3 dodges before he has to regen you have a better chance to outplay him with your attacks.

The problem is that right now either you too jump into heavy armor or you will fall in a disadvantage. The reason is very simple: wearing any other thing is too risky because you are made of paper.

Even if you would deal more damage against heavy armor, the reality would remain: as far as effectiveness and efficiency is concerned, light and medium are a no go both for pve and particularly pvp because the sheer ammount of damage you receive, plus the stuns on hit, plus who knows what else is just too dangerous.

You can wear them, but you could also naked for that matter. Suit in heavy armor and game experience is just less Dark Souls like.

I fear that nerfing the armor penetration upgrade for the weapon from 15% to 5% will render that upgrade inferior to simply upgrading damage. I’d love to see some stats, but the armor pen upgrade of 15% made many middle-grade tier weapons viable against heavy armor. I am against nerfing the armor pen upgrade at all. What’s the reasoning behind the change anyway?

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Thats the point its anyway strong enough. i killed enough heavy armor people in my flawless kambujan, it is possible, sure you have less damage reduction. but it depends on the skill and the weapons.
but with this nerf of the armor penetration mod they buff the heavy just more, i think i remember in a dev stream or in the forum tascha sayd they will take a look at the silent legion because its to strong… but hmmmm this move is a bit confusing^^ give them less dodges, maybe more people use other armors^^ i dont like heavy armors, i prefer medium. but when the penetration kit gets useless. i have to think about to get heavy armors. although i dont like it.

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Thats a good question.

I agree.
I always went with ap mods for melee and damage mods for bows. Sure, in some way, ap mods are way more powerful than damage mods, but that would rather leave me with the idea of buffing those damage mods instead of nerfing the ap mod.

I would prefer higher stamina consumption on heavy, and lower on light armor.

Actually I like how those different types of armors have different armor ratings. Also with them being as extreme.
On the other hand though, I dont like how the sole anti-heavy-weapon is that slow. (Hammer, I wont count single handed maces. I think that certain debuff is linked to the last attack, which should prove hard to land.)

All in all I think armors themselves are fine, but while there are real penalties on light armor, there are none for heavy.

I have to agree, it’s an unnecessary nerf that literally no one asked for. What people have been asking for is a nerf to Silent Legion because literally everyone wears it at 60 and there is no variation in armors. The other flawless epics aren’t available except the Kambujan, and even if they were at best you’d just see people using 1 or 2 pieces of those to replace the weaker stats like accuracy on the SL meta.

For all their talk about wanting every armor and weapon to be viable, they sure go out of their way to stack the game in favor of one single playstyle. I’m sorry funcom, Silent Legion just isn’t that cool. It has more edge than Bismuth crystal. It’s like a pizza cutter, it’s all edge and no point.

Maybe they want to nerf the penetration mod because of a few weapons, with hammers you can get 42% when they have the mod. but a one hand axe has always 0% armor penetration so its also a nerf for all 1h axe.
maybe they get a buff so they have from the beginning some armor penetration. i just tested it with the dragonbone axe

In the end thats the same. the amount of dodges is just the number you can make in a short time window without regenerating.
when you start regenerating stamina you got your dodge back.