Armor penetration weapon upgrade from 15% to 5%

Allowing you to drop all the way down from the Pirate ship to the bottom of the canyon and only lose 50% of your health. :confused:

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i think thats from the fall damage reduction perk.
or the double jump

If a nerf doesn’t makes sense, and seems to come out of nowhere, it’s usually to offset some exploit.

we dont know, its just another buff for the heavy armor.
and like i write before a nerf for the axe

No its not the same.
It would affect combat as well, as you wouldnt be able to attack as often as others.

Nice Funcom you did it… 10 damage less on a heavy armor now with a strike and over 50 with a combo.
AND you dont changed the old weapons with the upgrade so we have nice unbalanced pvp now on the servers!!!

Here the exact numbers with the dragonbone axe:

attacker with 40 strength perk and the guy in heavy 72% damage reduction

On Heavy Armor with 15% upgrade 1 hit 84 dmg
The same with the 5% Upgrade 69 dmg
The damage Upgrade 68 dmg

1 Combo:
15% upgrade 374 dmg
5% upgrade 307 dmg
Dmg upgrade 302 dmg.

So you just balanced the damage and the armor penetration upgrades, why? @Tascha
For all the other Armors the dmg upgrade is better, (more dmg) we tested all

so the Armor penetration upgrade is useless


Yep agreed, i tested it myself before this patch (with even more armor pen).

i tested it in PVE conditions on the taughest NPCs (with theorically the highest armor rating among all npcs) of the game like Nordheimer fighter 3 /berserkers from the forgotten tribe and voltaries named fighters and the armor pen kit did not help any single time to kill these guys in 1 hit less than with a damage kit. And against mamoths, the damage kit provided more damage than the armor pen kit, actually, i was then able to kill mamoths in 1 less hit.
So even before the nerf, These armor pen kits were kinda useless in PVE scenarios. I don’t know how it would do against real players since they pretty much all wear the heaviest armor possible and i have no idea of PVP mechanics at all, but in PVE it was already useless and is even more so now.

like i said, all this nerf does is drive people who didn’t want to wear SL into wearing it because any other armor, even the flawless epics, are worse choices. At least when it was 15% it’d make people think twice since that 15% is next to nothing while wearing light or medium armor while being necessary to take out people in heavy. Now it’s laughable in any armor.

This game has absolutely no balance. You’re supposed to stack strength and vitality with enough grit and encumbrance for your spear jabs and silent legion armor. That’s what the developers are telling us. You aren’t supposed to use anything else. Balls to the Conan Lore(plate armor is not a thing), balls to the idea of balance, balls to the idea of progression. Rush Silent Legion, spam legendary keys, then wait for people to stop playing.

This is Typical of Funcom keep thinking PVP is worth listening too. Do this Funcom make everyone 10 HP so as to one swing kill us all & finally take one shot to clear Conan exiles Population & You don’t drag this along.


Players like you usually go outside their base wearing Legion armor and waving dragon spear, only to end up getting killed by a guy in Cambujan Shaman swinging an axe. :expressionless:

Could you do the same with light armored people?

oh yes, that medium armor is nice!
Little to no damage being received while providing 9 strenght… yummy!

we did all, but i have to wait until my mate is online

here the other results with normal armors dmg upgrade and 5% armor penetration.
just one heavy strike. (dragonbone axe)
we just test the 15% dmg on heavy because the dmg upgrade was better before anyway on med and light.

  • Full Light Armor(Darfari) -
    Armor Penetration: 187 dmg
    Advanced Damage: 206 dmg

  • full mid Armor(kambujan) -
    Armor pen: 148 dmg
    damage: 160

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I think they should do a partial wipe of the servers as there are so many of these weapons in the game that have retained their 15% buff, I have a ton of weapons that are now impossible for new players to get, which makes us that are using them OP.

No need for that. Sooner or later those…let’s call them legacy weapons… would either change owner or be irrecoverable and get lost. The reason being that sooner or later, you will die, for whatever reason.

Advantage is just that, an aid. I have won 2vs1 combat all of us in legendary gear, the odds are I should have lost, but I managed to fight well enough to kill both of my assailants.

A wipe is something quite extreme that is not really needed, and that a lot people would be so very pisssed off about. Imagine how many legendary weapons would go puff and their owners ‘uff’.

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Sooo … in what situation is the new armor piercing weapon add on worth using over just using the damage buff instead? It would be pretty normal in a game for and armor piercing/penetrating weapon to do better against heavily armored targets, but not lower armored targets. The weapon damage add on should do better against non heavy armored targets and the armor P one should do better against high armor. That way there is a choice and a reason to choose. Unless I’m missing something does anyone at Funcom have a calculator or do any testing? … It’s kind of like adding the extra armor padding to your armor set and getting a whopping +15 armor …. WOOOW … 1% or 2% increase? That is amazing. Okay, okay if you are wearing light armor maybe up to 4%. >< Egads … at least it’s only plant fiber.

Hi yes the penetration upgrade is almost useless, like i posted before the penetration kits dont make more damage on medium and light the damage upgrades are better.

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can you please repeat tests with accuracy 40 (Crevice in the Armor perk)?