Admin elder vault knowledge

I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to spawn a scroll or lectern for players on private server on exiled lands to learn elder vault knowledge. Anyone have any experience with this?

I use Pippi thespians and loot spawners to give the recipes on our server. If ya don’t use Pippi, maybe admin in the recipes, pop into the player’s clan and drop 'em in a chest for them…or just hand 'em to 'em.

EDIT: Sorry, just realized ur on Xbox. I’d just admin them in and hand them out. To who ever wants them

I can find all of the recipes except the elder vault armories

Here are the recipe IDs I was able to find. Didn’t see one for Bat-demons so I assume they only have armors and no armory? Been a long time since I actually played Siptah and ran the vaults

Demon-spider: 556
Fiend: 570
Drowned: 542
Goblin: 536
Jhil: 561
Serpent: 552
Wolfmen: 548

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I will see if I can get these up, thank you!

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