We need the recipe for the Midnight Alchemist Please

We have a full clan of ten people, and have been playing Siptah since its’ release. I can assure you there is no midnight alchemist recipe on the island. You CAN get potions of Bestial Memory from certain one-skull bosses (we’ve gotten them from Hyenas, yetis, and wolves) but they are extremely rare.

Please Devs, throw us a bone. Put the midnight alchemist recipe in the map.


I don’t feel its needed, its more convenient sure but thats it.

You can get on dungeons

I’ve given up hope. I just make sure to kill the black yeti bosses (or whatever they’re called), harvest their corpses with a star metal pickaxe, and if that drops potions of bestial memory, I put them into my follower’s inventory to transfer to a fridge when I get back to my base.

I have a pretty good stash now, but I wish I didn’t have to do that. It’s yet another frustrating slot machine game mechanic and I hate it.


Add dredger and herpetologist to that list as well please.

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Does the decay timer go away when you do that?

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Sort of. The client shows the timer ticking, but it doesn’t tick on the server:

You used to be able to get it in dungeons. I have not found it in a week. And that isn’t for lack of trying.

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