Bestial Memory on SIPTAH

Hi everyone.
Can someone say me if there is a way to learn the midnight alchemist recipe ( bestial memory).
I’m searchig on YT everywhere but nothing about it.

I think it’s a RNG scroll drop from the vaults. Very low chance.

There’s a legend its part of the vault RNG, but Ive never seen it and never heard of anyone on my server getting it. And I’ve run vaults like a mad man.

Currently, I hunt down one skull animal minibosses, hope to get them as part of the harvest, and pray I can get back to the preservation box with them.

That actually was one of the main things that put me off siptah. Bestial Memory potion is one of QoL improvements I use the most while playing in Exiled, as i reskill a lot, depending on what I want to do.
This should not be RNG at all, but have perhaps a small questline to unlock it

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When playing on a server you can ask another player if they have the recipe and might help you
I don’t have it yet, but I haven’t cleared that many dungeons yet.

I stored some Bestial Memory potions in a ice box, single skull mobs drop them too sometimes. But they have a very short decay timer.

There is currently no way to make the potions to my knowledge, they must be farmed.

Can confirm that I got Midnight Alchemist as a recipe last night combining schematic fragments.

I’ll just leave this here. :wink:


Thanks Wak :+1::+1:

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Thx for that wak. Sadly this illustrates how lazy in terms of game imersion the RNG loot is. No story behind it, just really more and more random ways to get certain items with no relation to gameplay imho. The whole way to get midnight alchemist and introduction of the midnight grove in exiled lands just made it feel more natural and as part of meaningful gameplay, which neither the trading in of fragments or delving, while cool concepts in general, do.
It is something i noted in a lot of gameplay changes through the patches in the last 18 months, they introduce artificially prolonged gameplay through increased grind and in my opinion that is not gameplay content nor difficulty. It makes playing the game feel more like a chore.
But this is just my own, perhaps saturated opinion after 4k hours of gameplay and not representative

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I think they should have been able to copy it from the other map even, think that would have been better

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