Siptah - beastial memory?

Is it possible to get? I remember being able to skin half a stack of 1 skull Crocs on exiled lands but I spent an hour skinning 1 skull Crocs on siptah and got none.

Also heard black yetis but out of the 20ish I skinned today I got none.

Are they just unobtainable on siptah? Also of the about 30 people I asked on my server nobody has midnight alchemist so I assume that’s unobtainable too?

I have learned like 90 scrolls and eaten like 15 tablets of power since my last respec. Really don’t wanna risk a golden lotus at this point.

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They drop occasionally from Lions.

I’ve gotten midnight alchemist from scroll fragments.

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I feel your pain, keep rediscovering feat recipes after using golden that I’ve already learned…

That’s actually very good info. Thanks for posting this.

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I’ve killed the 1 skull lion as well as the 1 skull panthers and other cats. They don’t drop from them.

My 3 man clan has done probably around 400-500 statues so far and have only gotten weapon and armor schematics. So no, they don’t come from fragments.

But there’s always that one guy who says “yeah easy peasy all you gotta do is x”

I killed something the other day and pickaxed it, got like 8 bestial potions. Can’t remember what it was but it definitely is not common to find bestial potions on Siptah.

Oh thanks I’ll go pickaxe the thing too

If I remember what it was I got it from, I’ll let you know.

If you kill 10 lions, you will get roughly one drop of the bestial memory and on of the potion that resets feats. It is not a sure drop any more that it is a sure drop from corrupted beasts in the exiled lands.

I’ve also seen brewing scrolls from combining scroll fragments, so don’t dismiss that method just because your clan hasn’t seen it.

Nobody said anything about brewing scrolls. We have trunks full of dupes from vault and schematics fragments but we have not seen midnight alchemist. Nor has any other tribe on my server. Do not assume it exists on siptah because you want it to.

Random drop from summoning pools, tested yesterday ± 1000 schem fragments there i basically got all possible recipes even tower ones, including exile library and so on, one of them was witch doctor and also midnight alc but based how many of them was there i think u will spend days on RNG when get it :smiley:

Super, you said your clan had only gotten weapon and armor scrolls. Brewing is neither armor nor weapon. I’m saying midnight alchemist exists because I’ve seen it, not because i wanted it.


Cool let me log in to your official server and see you craft something with it

Just got a bunch of bestial potions today. Skinned a corrupted alligator and pickaxed a corrupted rocknose.

Best to make a short clip of where to find the recipe. (searched for this in the hope to find something on where to get the recipe on Siptah.) I’m not sure if Siptah has the recipe. I’m getting a bit tired of learning all the feat points again every time I go for a Farm or a Fighter spec.

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