Please, please put Beastial Memory in Siptah

Title says it all. If server transfers are disabled, PLEASE give us the recipe on Siptah. It is absolutely miserable without it. I know it’s an RNG drop from frags, but with countless hours into the game, I still don’t have it.



Just checking to ensure you know that you can get beast mem pots from killing Yetis yeah? its RNG but tbh i’ve got two fridges full of them. The trick is to have a small outpost near each yeti spawn, fill a fridge and then… even as I type this its horrible to say outloud… drag your fridge across the map back to your base

I agree it should be a recipe in siptah but in the interim…the above will work.


I don’t think that you can get that recipe with fragments of power. I think you get it frlm pools of the grey ones.

I think OP meant ‘schematics fragment’. iirc, there is no midnight alchemist recipe (paper) from schematics either.

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