Please, for the love of Crom, add Midnight Alchemist as a common drop for a central surge! Siptah

That is all. If you agree, please post below. I have spent the last couple of weeks grinding to get Bestial Memory and am still empty handed. This SHOULDN’T BE THIS HARD!

Thanks! :wink:


It’s not even a drop on siptah that I’m aware of… so actually adding it into the drop pool would be a nice start. Then make it a common drop. :thinking:


you can obtain it on Siptah from Schematics Fragment - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

and that’s most likely the grind the OP mentioned


Yeah, but I haven’t heard of anyone actually acquiring it via these. I thought the pool of recipes were data mined and it wasn’t included. Only people I know that had both this and the dredger recipes were via transfer.


It’s so damn, soooo damn rare that’s almost invisible. You know how persistent i can be to get something, i won’t sleep just to make it. But midnight alchemy?
No, even i give up!

My dear @Testerle i don’t want to ne rude here or boost my gaming ego. But i know how to gather statuettes in literally no time at all, i know almost every location and i farm them like speedy Gonzalez. You cannot imagine how many schematic fragments i can gather on complete dedication… Midnight achemist once on a character i already transfered from exile lands :person_facepalming:t3:. So this recipe is not just rng, it’s invisible.
I don’t know.
Another thing i know years now is that if you have trouble to find something in a server it’s easy on another…
You cannot imagine in how many servers i played all this time.

I don’t know what’s easy and what’s hard, not my business to know, but since Siptah release that’s my main complain.
We NEED to change attributes and yellow lotus is NOT the way!
Fellow exiles i beg your contribution in this post, it’s highly important, please!


no it’s not a bug but with a list of 200 possible outcomes it’s a real pain if you hunt for a specific knowledge


Agree. Given the unpredictability and the recurring volatility of the Yellow Lotus Potion, can we please make just this one recipe free of Siptah’s RNG grinding. It does not confer unfair advantages, and is the most basic quality of life enhancement. Please let it drop reliably from a Surge. Or if you like KevinsCorral, I will go you one better:

  • Put the Midnight Alchemist recipe on a tablet and add it to the Dogs of the Desert camp at the ‘Watchtower’ located at coordinates I,9 just South-East of The Tower.

This is all i need from you, to people like you and Multigun i have complete faith.

It shouldn’t and this is what I ask some time now! This recipe has pushed players to play with different accounts so they’ll have a farmer and a fighter :person_facepalming:t3:.
It’s wrong!
Hopefully the lion south of Siptah is an easy target to gain bestial potions, the best rng i found so far for bestial potions!
But, they decay really soon or people build and destroy the spawn of this lion!
Siptah needs to be independent and some recipes must go out of rng, but the midnight alchemist, yesterday!

Oh man, I remember going for that when we played Siptah. We spent an entire day collecting statues. The next 2 or 3 days we stayed at the Summoning pools. But we ended up with 2 of them, 1 for each of us. We got a LOT of other good recipes from it too tho.

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Lucky you. I think I’ve got ~30 unique recipes and as many duplicates out of that pool of 200 possible recipes.

I mean, I keep those duplicates I collect in a chest (now two chests) in the vain hope that we could one day e.g. dismantle them into recipe fragments or something. Or if Funcom fixes the latrine bug, use them as toilet paper.


With the proper emote, to legendary wipe my a… :rofl:.

The most annoying is that schematic fragments recipes can drop recipes that you randomly will find on other actions too. On vault chests, on npcs, on camps or surges! This is the rng madness too many people speak about Siptah!
This recipe is vital for the game…
For example, i want to harvest to build , i place the perk efficient harvesting
I want to harvest elephant skin, i need the careful harvesting
I want to play agility throwing weapons, i want to play agility melee weapons. I want to play strenth, i want to play sorcerer, i placed my perk points accidentally wrong…
Over a decade reasons to change your attributes and in late game, i don’t want to place almost 2.000 feat points back when using a yellow lotus potion, it’s absurd! Not to mention that we loose recipes when we use yellow lotus potions…
Midnight alchemy, or bestial memory potions only, at least need different solution on Siptah.
You don’t want to change it? Ok!
Place a trader somewhere so i can buy an alchemist bag of potions that has inside bestial potions. So when i return back home to open the bag amd place them in the fridge at once!
Make the bags heavy, 50 kilos
Make them expensive 1000 coins, 50 fragments, 150 obolus, you name it!
But do something, please!

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They’re busy making new emote animations.

I usually keep them to trade or give away or use on alt accounts… but I suppose that’s one option lol…

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From the wiki:

  • Gathering 5 fragments (notes) will give you a random recipe. This can be any existing recipe in the game, from cooking recipes to Survivalist Outfit. On the Isle of Siptah, some of the recipes can only be obtained this way.
  • There are 200 different recipes that can be given with each recipe having the same chance of dropping.
  • The statistical average number of attempts to learn every recipe from Schematics Fragments is 1176.

This is why I don’t play Isle of Siptah anymore. On a 40/40 server during primetime (show me a Siptah server private or provided that sustains that), it is quite possible that a 40/40 server that has been fully populated since the release of Siptah that there are recipes no one has yet. Stuff that you take for granted on Exiled Lands.

With no amount of skill, experience, or determination being able to overcome that.

The way these Schematic Fragments should have worked is you used them like currency to purchase what you wanted.

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How about just fix yellow lotus but in lieu of this, a recipe book is needed.

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Don’t get me wrong, this is not exactly the truth about Siptah!
Not only Schematic Fragments gives you knowledge, you have numerous ways to get knowledge and in some cases specific items for specific recipes with way less rng!
Siptah doesn’t need to change the whole style, in some cases it’s rewarding believe it or not. Other than that, the recipes you gain are not so important! The only recipe that has huge importance is the midnight alchemy, no one else!
If you do the vaults and gain all the vaults recipes and then go to the grey pools and farm some fragments that’s literally candies in Siptah, so you’ll get the tower recipes, you need absolutely nothing else, except the midnight alchemy Ofcurce!
On a Siptah “light” beginning, day 3, you may have 100 fragments for fun, candies. On exile lands, all these years, i cannot have 100 fragments in day 3, even in hardcore gamimg.
So Siptah ain’t bad, yes rng, but not for so useful items, at all!
I suggest you this island 1000%
Play in a private server and change the lvl 6 on purge. The purges that will follow ain’t easy but different in each location. @sestus2009 place it on lvl 3 and i really enjoyed the purges in his server.
Tell the admim to give you the midnight alchemy recipe!
You’ll have a blast!

@erjoh, i didn’t quite understand the suggestion, can you please analyze it!

Just trying to bring focus back to the issue why midnight alchemist is needed.

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Oh i understand, that you were asking of a new yellow potion :person_facepalming:t3:. My English are poor, forgive me @erjoh, thank you for your understanding :pray:t6:.

Actually that may be the quickest fix out there…instead of tweaking the original, just replace it with a new one that does the same thing

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There’s quite a few valuable recipes in that list that don’t have other means of getting them except for an extremely low chance at the end of a vault, but they all share the same pool. So completing a vault is like getting 5 fragments. Its not just Midnight Alchemist. To be fair I don’t even really care about that recipe myself. But others I do.

Many of those give significant advantages over not having them. So doing a grind for grind sake, isn’t my idea of fun.

You don’t need 100 Fragments, you don’t need any. If you want a recipe you complete a puzzle, defeat a boss, complete a dungeon, or explore a location and you have it.

That’s the problem with Siptah. They added RNG to avoid having to handplace all of these Exiled Lands recipes. This was avoiding the work involved. Some call it laziness and I can agree. But even then they could have saved the players the trouble by giving us an option to use the fragments as currency to get what we want. Rather than putting an insurmountable burden.

Like I said, there are Siptah servers where some recipes aren’t unlocked by anyone despite being around for years. Stuff that you can obtain within 10 minutes of starting a character on Exiled Lands.