You Feel the RNG - Siptah Midnight Alchemist

With the advent of Sorcery and the nature of attribute rework, the need for midnight alchemist is required. Resetting feats every time you drink a yellow lotus really kills the mood. We are in a time of change, and I really do not want to reset my knowledge every time I want to respec into a build.

This is cumbersome and locked behind the most ridiculous RNG. Yes. I could go back to the Exiled lands and just get it. That would be perfect and wonderful.

I honestly think Siptah is the red-headed stepchild (no offense to the soulless here).

I like it for what it is. I like the layout, and I enjoy the people on the server. It’s more chill, I guess.

But who in their right mind would take this type of potion, and not make it available when you change the attributes? Even as a quest or something.

I am befuddled that this would go live and you would have your players sit there, experiment, and then have to reset all knowledge over and over. One simple mistake in resetting your knowledge just means doing it again.

You wanted to offer the quality of life as a selling feature, and my feedback is that you missed the mark here on Siptah with respecs tied to something that may take 20 minutes of game time to reset.

I would suggest that you allow sorcerers to create said potion, or for the life of me, put it in the alchemy bench. No one care if another player respecs. It is not game breaking. It is not cheating.

This is just plain up punishing.


I really like the illusion system! I really like the new attributes and I really like the whole product as a whole.

If you could do this one thing, I won’t even complain about the Bazaar anymore.


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