Add missing respec potions to Siptah

Please add a place on the Isle of Siptah where we can either learn the recipes for Potion of Bestial Memory and Potion of Natural Learning, or a new couple of potions with equivalent effects.

To be clear, I know that the potions can drop randomly. What I’m asking for is the ability to learn them without RNG involved. Make it as hard or easy as you want, but please add them. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Yes, people, I do know about the yellow lotus potion. I just hate having to unlock all my feats again just because I wanted to respec my attributes. :smiley:


Uh, what about the yellow lotus potion? You can respec to your heart’s content for just 10 yellow lotus flowers. Less if you have a good alchemist.


The yellow lotus potion makes you forget feats or recipes you’ve learned. Either way, some stuff will go missing.

Huh? Doesn’t it just reset both feat and attribute points? If it also makes you forget recipes, I’m fairly confident that would be a bug.

Still, for convenience sake, I wouldn’t mind seeing the recipe for the other two potions somewhere on the island. Relying on the potions dropping randomly is inconvenient to say the least. Not only do you have to find the creature that drops them, and get lucky with the RNG, but you also have to be ready to use it right then and there because it won’t last long.

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Yes, it resets feats.

If you’ve learned cooking feats, prepare to find them again because you will lose them after the lotus potion.

I’m sure this happens with other things, but it’s the cooking feats that first made me weary of the yellow lotus potions.

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Is this a new thing? I haven’t taken a yellow lotus potion for a couple of weeks, but I didn’t notice losing any cooking recipes back then (obviously, this is pre-Siptah, so could have changed).

I don’t know. I’ve got one of the specialist brewing recipes and I’m pretty sure I took one after I learned it. I plan on using it again soon, so I guess I’ll see what happens then.

It’s also possible that it is resetting specific feats. Like maybe one or two of the cooking feats is being reset, but the rest are fine. Either way, still sounds more like a bug than intended functionality to me.

They can just include them into Jhebbal Sag religion Feat in addition to Midnight Alchemist Feat (or move them there).


Not very new, it happened to me just before they did the thrall nerf where they adjusted the health on bosses and made T4 thralls not be the “heroes” anymore.

I had some cooking feats from the Summoning Place and other locales, and when I took the lotus potion, I lost all of them. I had to manually toggle them on again using the feat editor in Pippi.

But stuff like the Buccaneer feat where you learn to make pirate clothing wasn’t affected so… Not sure if it’s a bug but often times when people complain of losing unique recipes… The first question asked is did you take a lotus potion.

Maybe they are buggy, I am glad to know the effect of forgetting feats that you learn in the world is not intended.

I’m actually getting doubles of recipe drops and only learning one if I have a double handy so if it happens again I won’t be any worse off.

Siptah is supposed to be played without mods for now, so I don’t wanna take that chance. I’m not sure I wanna edit anything about a Siptah character with Pippi (or other mods). So many bugs as it is.


No need if u kill enough Jebal followers or surge them, they may drop this what u ask + near siptah ascension there is DEMON dog that actually has chance to drop bestial memory potion ( i had 10 potions in one time )… and timer is 2 min… but if u want scroll just check out admin spawn commands u can see there is scroll of midnight alchimist, basically just need to find it ( i found it only once dunno if it was luck or something)

I mean, sure, we all have our opinions, so I can’t say you’re wrong. I’m arguing that there is need for it, because it’s really a basic quality-of-life feature and there’s no need to have it gated behind RNG. It’s not like making it depend on RNG solves some kind of PVP or PVE balancing issue.


Ok, so got around to using that yellow lotus potion earlier today. I double checked before I did it and I did have Specialist Brewing II as well as the linguist feat with Ancient Stygian. And just to make triple sure, I even took the extra step of going into the game and looking just before posting this. Neither went away. I’d say that it’s safe to conclude that if feats are disappearing, it’s either a bug or mod related.


Thanks for confirming that. I was annoyed at the prospect of hunting for the potions that come from the corrupted versions of gators and such. :slight_smile:

There is one kind of oneskull “werewolf” or something on the right side of the map in between the forest area. Just make him drop a midnight alchemist scroll if you kill him.

If you’re talking about the werewolf in the Grove of Jorgan, I live nearby and kill him every time I pass, because harvesting his corpse gives me 1 guaranteed shadebloom. He never dropped a scroll in all this time.

Kinda underscores what I’m trying to say about RNG :confused:

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Yeah I know that he isn’t dropping the recipe. What I’m trying to say is that he would be a perfect candidate for dropping it and they should implement it :see_no_evil:


That’s a great idea!

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Does he drop the attribute reset potion?

Nono he doesnt i was just recommending to funcom that they should make him drop it because it would make perfectly sense.


Ahh cause a friend I play with claimed that one dropped the beast attribute reset potion (not the recipe)
Undead wolves from skull 1 to 3 drop the potion, rarely in my own experience