Please, for the love of Crom, add Midnight Alchemist as a common drop for a central surge! Siptah

True! If you go creative mode on your single player you can fix all the unlocked items! As soon as you fix them you will understand that you were chasing rainbows! The tower recipes (fragments) and the vault recipes are equally and in some cases better than all these unnecessary (for me) recipes! Greatest example the voidforge gladius and mace!
My personal favorite is the outer dark waraxe! No rng at all!
For armor? Dragon bone! From light to heavy it’s my only choice and i decorate it (transmog) with gurnaki or something like it anyway! Ofcurce the master armor smith and master weapon smith are important too, but not so difficult to get, at least for me!
I always gain them with a bit dedication!
Not midnight alchemy my friend Taemien, no matter the dedication :confused:.

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I learned Bestial Memory from collecting fragments on Siptah. I’ve actually seen it three times collecting fragments.


This one still hasn’t gotten the kiln recipe on Siptah.
Looking for so long…

It would be a much beloved feature to allow an exchange system that is not RNG, or at least allow schematics to be dismantled into fragments (say 3 or 4, but at least 1) so already known schematics aren’t just physical talismans of time sacrificed in vain to RNGesus.


Sounds like it should be just some interaction on an object or npc then. RNG on it is horrible and it’s such an important recipe for the game, considering the regular yellow lotus is game breaking.

Fully agree they need to make it much easier to obtain. I lean towards an interact-able of some kind as mentioned above. You should be able to reliably get these recipes by level 20.

I have midnight alchemist on one Siptah server and I will never start a new character on a different Siptah server for this very reason. I just cannot be bothered to RNG all of this stuff again. I spent literally months combining fragments before finally hitting midnight alchemist.

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