Resetting feats as a way forward?

So level 60 is the max, and u can only earn so much towards attributes and feats.

It means you can’t learn all the feats so is it a life style choice to learn certain things, build them and then forget them on reset and then learn other stuff and rinse and repeat?

Go hunt down the fragments of power in the UC and take them to the Archivist. Keep turning them in until you get the “Tablet of power” and read about that. You can finish out feats but not attributes. There are plenty of mods to play around with attribute abuse.

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where are these shards? it’s a bit annoying when this game doesn’t explain what to do,

That’s what the wiki is for.

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in Unnamed city u will find bosses and chests.
Some of these chests contain a blue triangle with glyphs imprinted on. Also the bosses drop some legendary weapons and fragments and some legendary repair kits (so some goodies also on the side).
these fragments can be used for 3 goals.

  1. when you consume (use) one fragment your character gains +10 additional feat points(you do not loose em when you use the reset potions).- i personally have ALL feats unlocked in my character , exactly cause i hated to respec every now and then.
  2. u can use em in the library of the archives (the one to right of the archivist ghost) to learn new warned though the way u get the scrolls for the recipes is random,so you can get the same recipe multiple times (i 'd advice no less than 100 shards to trade at once there). some cool weapons and the kiln (best furnace in game) can be found there.
  3. shards r needed to build some of the stuff for the recipes you will learn through the library.

hope this cleared a bit what fragments of power are.

yes thanks. are these bosses all in Unnamed City? Do they drop more than 1 shard?

7 of the bosses drop a shard every time you defeat one of them, and they re-spawn every @15 minutes on official. The Red Mother Dragon has a chest behind her, that re-spawns every so often. Also some hidden chests thru out UC. Worth exploring around to find them.

just one shard? sounds like hard work

Yes it is. There is lots of decorative stuff that you don’t really need to survive. You can get some of it from the loot of course or you can divide such recipes with your clanmates for example.

In addition to fragments of power they also drop legendary repair kits and can randomly drop legendary items like armor and weapons.

Here’s a video for the boss locations. Should you feel inclined to have a stab at them.

“have a stab at them” pun unintended? lol

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Very much so, Yes!

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