Levels, Attribute and Feats

Can we please have some love for these.

I get the designed cap on the total number of attribute points available and why it makes sense to cap these, it steers your character progression however why do the feats also subject to a cap? There is no reliable trading mechanics in the game and ease they can be reset negates any benefits for specialising down a specific route and has resulted in feats just being an inconvenient event where players reset them to be able to make a chair then reset them again to set them in their preferred state.

Keep the attribute cap but let us learn all the feats overtime without the need to reset them.

You can gain more knowledge points for feats by consuming fragments of power and tablets of power. The former drop from certain bosses, the latter are crafted from fragments but require a recipe.


I like that attributes and feats are limited and reset.

To me, they seem like situational preparation–need a climbing build? -reset attributes -need to build a furnish a tower fort? - reset feats

I don’t see a difference, really. If the argument is that feat knowledge accumulation should be permanent and eventually, then I don’t see the explanation by which that shouldn’t also apply to attributes…except maybe that there’d be no distinction between players.

I guess maybe that’s my tldr; either it’s a game with rpg elements or it isn’t–but rpg is about customization, and everyone being capable of everything is not interesting. Might as well play Halo.

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