Fragments of power and its uses

very nice items…allows you to get great recipes when the library doesnt give you 25 copies of the same recipes,

other than that it gives a nice boost 10 feat points…

i am currently sitting at 1610 feat points + 7 banked because i dont have anything else to unlock unless i waste money on turan dlc for more esthetic building. that 1610 means i have every feats unlocked…

1610 feats - total amount of feats granted by level divided by 10 = amount of fragments of power you will need to eat to cap out on feats…

people making the ideas for content should get a few slaps across the face before they talk//propose their concepts.

hers my recipe
named fighter thrall
heavy pictish armor
decent weapon
send him tanking
use venom infused dagger on red mother to land the 10-20
then switch to dragonbone sword
stay in her back when she raises her tail run out to avoid the 3 tails wings
move back in reapply the dots rinse and repeat.
your thrall wont die
you can aply this strat to red mother, giant croc boss

undead dragon, green dragon, white dragon are basicly the same strat xept that you cripple them to reduce the charge speed land dots swap bash it down
for undead dragon just plow the 2 handed sword. sorry i solod with thrall tanking and it takes aroudn 15 minutes to down undead dragon

hurting means everytime i debated with someone on here it ended up giving up information that makes the game look dumb and it would seem that people hate that and i end up being reported and my post are auto unlisted

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If you’re that hard up for a powerful T4 fighter, why not just capture the Captain in Sepermeru’s Temple Quarter? They’re a guaranteed spawn after all.

Of course, the Captain is hella tough, so you’ll want to bring along your strongest 1-handed fighter to help with the truncheoning, but it should be doable.


don’t forget a shield just in case, especially an Argos one in case it gets dark since Argos shields have built in lanterns.

Never heard of an Argos shield, and nothing’s coming up on the wiki. Is this from a mod?

It’s this one as it is ironically an Argos shield.

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Gotcha, so it’s not actually implemented and can only be spawned-in via the admin console. Well that’s too bad, but at least it’s an option for single-player or modded games. Really wish we had some additional lighted weapons like that on Officials.

/me hugs his Glimmermoon tight

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I think it is possible it could be something you can get or make for a future dungeon or as a legendary as from tests I have done the shield is very handy.

It works great! Dalinsia Snowhunter is my favorite for this purpose if you have her, if not Janos from NA can be viable since he can use a shield.


You forgot Lian as well as he can use a shield.

decent weapon = dragonbone starmetal kinscourge more than enough.
as for delivery…sry i dont see the point of sugarcoating things. specially when its to defend a fair point.
also dlc or no doesnt really make a difference. you want the biggest amount of armor on your thrall and thralls are not affected by weight so…

my bearer has 9900 hp and my melee thrall has 7k hp…

you dont need a shield on a thrall. a 2handed sword or spear will get your thrall to be unstoppable.

as for bating your future dates i dont bring them too dangerous.
and we are talking shards here and the subject was changed to beating the living crap out of the unnamed monster for shards and now its changed to batting down undeads and dragons…

inbox im not going to play jump around on the current subject

1610 feat points… less than 300 hours… you can chain bosses easyly… for a survival game… it sure is hard to get someething to be a challenge when you dont need to worry about your survival tools

the only use is for placeable i’ve tested all the recipes i could think of for fragment weapons… dagger > the rest.

true, no one is forcing me to farm them but why not? whats there left to do ? whats left to do when you can solo+ thrall the undead dragon in less than 20 minutes?

my thralls has not gone once under 90% hp exept with white tiger… and by that i mean me + another player on my server sitting down while we watch my thrall chain kill stuff

ok even if they coudl take more dmg , mine does not know what pain and suffering means. hiw build does not alow him to die unless i unequip him

making a suggetion woudl mean to remove all the drops from unnamed city and review their use stats and effect and to rescript all the thralls

i also inboxed you