Star metal Building Materials

+1 this. I’d love to be able to make start metal building pieces.

Sorry, but just because you don’t want to go out to a specific location to harvest it doesn’t make a resource “not available”.

Yes, it’s a chore for a solo player. But it’s not like you need it to win the game. It’s an optional feature. If you want it, you go out and get some star metal. Just like black ice, or brimstone, or obsidian, or Relic Hunter Captains - some valuables don’t walk to you, you must go where they are.

@Shadoza please explain this to me: you renounced to build in black ice for the reason there is no black ice in your region ?

You can say to me black ice is not the only tier3 building material, but no ones suggested to add ONLY one t4 material here :wink:

I’d like to have starmetal as building material, but for example I’d like to have dragonbones too as building material :slightly_smiling_face:

Breakpoints and local biometrics in relation to one’s pool of reasons.

While the resource is technically available, it is not necessarily obtainable. Term obtainable is the key here.

It’s a chore for every player. Effort degree is what varies. One’s task is higher while to another it’s lower. No one argues about how easy gathering should be. We can tweak harvesting impact at the server settings so it’s not fruitful enough to ask about it here for it’s already available in the game.

Since the “win condition” is optional and the true goal is to keep playing, we would benefit of the ground work was clear enough so we wouldn’t be incentivised by incomplete motives.

If we know something exists, then we may want to try apply it somewhere. When we understand the benefits of the resource, we can further our research. The way crafting is provided in the game does this the other way around which is illogical and this conflict is the true issue. We have not experienced a meteor shower. A newbie doesn’t even know one can happen. Order of dictation and discovery (unlocking recipes) should evolve the more we get to deal with the environment, not the other way around. Our character shouldn’t know about recipes beyond their local biometrics. There’s no excuse that would justify this unless the reason was coded into the game. Currently the bridge of thought doesn’t exist.

Since the issue is the backward logic…

I’m okay with returning to my base, located out there somewhere, to bring in stuff as long as my character actually builds interest toward the stuff they stand on.

I get your point, but that doesn’t really apply to star metal. I know, for a fact, that a solo player can obtain loads and loads of star metal. It just doesn’t come to you, you need to go and get it. Yes, it may require you to camp for some time on a boring mountain, but it’s definitely, absolutely, evidently obtainable by a solo player who is willing to spend the time and effort.

“Not obtainable” would be something like drops from a world boss that is impossible to solo.

Our characters weren’t born in the Exiled Lands, nor is there any specific reason to assume that they’ve lost all memories of their past lives. Surely even an average person of the Hyborian Age knows that swords are made of steel and leather is made by tanning hides. The recipes we learn during the game represent the survivalist character figuring out how to do those things, rather than realizing that those things can be done.

And once you know how to make an iron sword, it’s a simple logical step to figure out that using a stronger metal would give you a better weapon. And although it’s unrealistic (in order to keep the game going forward) that our characters simply snap their fingers and learn how to process star metal, the people of old times saw the various crafts daily in their lives, maybe even apprenticed for a number of artisans, so our characters have the concepts of weapons, armor, tools and building materials more readily available than modern-day people who have never built a brick house, smithed a horseshoe or sewn a jacket.

Requesting such a thing is close to waving a flag screamin one cheesed the dismantling bench to the max.

I haven’t and I’m fine with it. All I’m disappointed about is that I’m missing out the event itself.

You are half correct. If I am in the right place at the right time, it definitely comes to me. Reason I meant that it isn’t obtainable is because we are not at the right place at the right time and my character has no interest to find out. They are occupied by other stuff.

Yes. I can use the admin panel, but it isn’t a solution. Every time I find myself using admin panel, it’s because there’s a significant bottleneck in place. You know what a bottleneck effect is, right? It’s like a wall you crash your car onto. You follow a nice country road to a spa you have reserved a treatment at, but all of a sudden you crash your car onto a wall in the middle of the road, except that wall is the road. It’s just going upward (90 degree angle) for a hundred meters and then the angle reverts smoothly. You repeat this three times along the road, couple times the road goes downward the same way and you crash the car onto the road by falling on it instead; then sometime later you get to the spa, with a broken car (if you haven’t left it on a roadside already).

I doubt the mountain is boring. The nature around us is never too boring at least. What makes things boring or cumbersome is an error in design, in this case what we - have to do - around the mountain (TTK mainly). Lack of roleplay elements make it much harder to tolerate.

Also certain bugs can prevent some features from taking place, multi- and soloplay.

What I mean by ’ not obtainable ’ is that our characters indeed haven’t been built from the same cloth necessarily. Devs just designed them so. It would be okay if this was reflected by culture, i.e. mingling behaviour pool of our collective ways for example, but it is reflected solely from their choice of design. Breaks immersion.

There’s no past to play thorough either. I have little to no clue what my character was before they were exiled. I knew nothing about Conan franchise beyond the cartoon series and hopping to this gave me insufficient amount of background to work on coz devs decided to leave race as a purely cosmetic notion. To me there was no past to remember. To me it made sense that our past was indeed wiped out. To me all given variables made zero sense coz most of it was merely cosmetic in nature. My character’s physique for example has zero impact to their masculine shape.

Playing Minecraft didn’t help either. First entry to CE and I died multiple times coz I thought everything around me was a prop. When I accidentally picked a branch from the ground the flood of disappointment came fast, but at least it went away just as fast too. All that time could have been taken to properly introduce us to the framework instead than wasting our time.

I wish I knew if my character was even an average person. Game mechanics can sometimes be so odd and illogical that we can’t fully trust our senses. Sometimes they are so gameplay limiting that our own pace as players would be vastly faster. That’s because we already know, that’s our past experience - which our characters don’t have due memory wipe.

I’m referring recipes as formulas, not just cooking recipes. While at least the cooking part is logical enough, the rest of the game sadly isn’t. If I was to develop a cooking feature, it wouldn’t be based on recipes dictating what we can mix or can’t. Making recipes would be the result of our trial and error instead. Poor representation and all because devs can’t or won’t look beyond the box involving typical game logic.

Then there’s this one: If some thrall came with recipes of their culture (remember memory wipe), they would surely teach them to us since we are the ones (their masters even) who bring in the ingredients (why should we bring them to them??), right? For some reason these recipes don’t stick around. The more I go down the mistakes made, the more dum my character feels like…

Of course. This is perhaps one of the few logical steps that actually can be applied here. However, this absolutely doesn’t mean that you have all the formulas before you at all times. On contrary the character should be limited to only sense biometric-bound, station-specific, interest-driven, socio-engineering etc. formulas coz otherwise they would go insane (don’t try at home). We, the players, who think the management system needs to be revised to embrace this specific behaviour are indeed losing our bolts here due the clumsiness of the navigation (reflects exactly the insanity part). It’s really bad.

Snapping isn’t the issue. Relationship toward that material is, with or without memory wipe. Game goes forward no matter what features are present unless one behaves like a wall and deletes our save file for example. The only way to stop progression is to stop playing.

This is exactly how I feel my character is like. Like a modern guy who knows nothing about what he should do coz there’s no past experience, with or without memory wipe. He feels so ridiculously incompetent that I frankly find it impossible of them to have committed any of those crimes they are judged for. With memory wipe at least we could pretend that something went wrong and their memories are slowly returning, but even then there’s a lot more to consider. Due all the little details missing, the whole concept of the game feels artificial. It feels like just a game. Not giving a fantastic enough experience. :confused:


As a magician my trade is as immersive as is my talent to provide the illusion. Same thing with developers.

Technically they do, they fall pretty far out. Sometimes you can catch them in sky, you wont trigger sound but can see them falling. Little chance get to them when there that far.

Like I said way above, Just gotta roam around Northwest. They fall far enough south and along ridge lines of snow. Its much better head futher north so you can see more fall locations.

Sorry to go off topic a bit here, but I really wish we could get some more T1 and/or T2 building types too.

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I’m not saying you can see them from jungle…

But you can see them from east of mountains of skyfall, or south near mounds of dead.
there is a rather large area you can roam and see them drop. You don’t even need to be super far north. You can hang around mounds or stargrazers and around there to see Skyfall ridge get hit. Its rather large area for them.

You sound like most unlucky person then… I have worst luck in the world 100 times over.

I waltz up from south to mounds, and I’ll see one in handful of mins. I’ve ported via map room to northern obelisk and had them trigger. =/
I play 99% solo offline. Been doing so for most of year, (I use be online more…but them trolls ruin it all)

My base is to east of telith island, I have 3 map rooms up, So I can freely teleport back and forth from 3 main locations and then take slow walk back home. XD

I usually walk/job everywhere. (as followers tend to go poof,die or well…die more often then anything when I teleport offline.) So I basically have give up map rooms and admin teleports.

Like I said way up top thou, 1 meteor is 100+ ore. Only need get lucky once or twice. XD

Its also little late to change them, They start dropping everywhere… alot of peoples homes and bases are gonna be messed up. XD

This means that the breakpoint is way too high. It seems that we need to be able to tweak it.

Yeah Shadoza is being truthful here Sera67, there are issues with it taking a very long time to appear, and sometimes not at all. My parner has until recently been experiencing this, and so have many others. I started a thread on it quite recently which you can take a peek at if youre interested. Ignasis goes on to say that the issue is now being investigated.

Nah…you couldnt possibly be as unlucky as this guy :wink:


There are other resources you could gather there. It is called multi tasking. Most “Star Metal” hunters i know, don’t just squat and wait. They gather hide from the mammoths and sabers, wood and resin from the trees, some black ice, even stone for brick. Just have to waiting for it show up and do nothing is your choice. I could say that about hunting a Set Archpriest. But you know what i do? I adapt, and run and gather the hearts while waiting for the 15 minutes. Star metal is like any other materials spawn, just a bit more rare. And with all harvesting, the best approach is to have a plan for the idle time while you wait. Plus multiple other solo players have stated they get it just fine.

@Fable I have to disagree that getting star metals a chore, quite easy actually for multiplayer players, I just do steel metal/black ice/metal runs and look for it while I’m there, if I see none i move on and go back I usually hit 2-3 nodes when they are there and it yields an obscure ammount 1.2k for about 3 nodes.

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Hunting star metal for any mode is a crap shoot, whether it be due to location for SP players, or getting to it before another player in multiplayer. I could argue brimstone is harder for multiplayer. It only spawns in 1 hour cycles after being harvested, so in multiplayer if the only areas are empty, you don;t know how long ago it was farmed, so you have to wait it out, or just play the lottery and leave and return hoping to get it. SP you know when you farmed it and can plan accordingly. This falls into adaptive survival, as one has to constantly adapt to insure they get the mats they need to survive.

I didn’t mean it as a chore like tedious interaction. I meant a job. It’s still our job. I’ve never seen the shower so how could I determine if it’s an actual chore to us or not. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yes, and if you’re in the Jungle area, you won’t be able to gather black ice either (unless you’re a very, very determined Ymir worshipper). It doesn’t matter that black ice is a 100 % spawn at certain spots if none of those spots is in the biome you decide to play. The difference is that black ice is always there, and star metal is there if you wait long enough.

Compare this to Grrr Legbiter, the only armorer who can make flawless Hyperborean armor. You can catch him only in the southern biomes (either in an Exile camp or from a Purge), so if you live up north, you’re out of luck. And even if you travel south to look for him, it takes luck, patience and effort to find him.

If you really, really want a Grrr Legbiter, you’re willing to spend the time and effort to catch him - but he’s not necessary to complete the game. Similarly to star metal - if you really, really want star metal, you’re willing to spend the time and effort to collect it, but it’s not necessary to complete the game. Even if Funcom made a new building type with star metal as one of its components, we could still build houses without star metal. It’s just a luxury product for those who are willing to work for it.

Giving more uses for star metal isn’t taking anything away from those who can’t (or won’t) access star metal, it’s just giving more options for those who have it.

I never played CE in solo/co-op so if it’s bugged I don’t know.

You’re saying the event itself (meteors fall) if you aren’t there to watch it don’t happens ? It’s a bug, in any other game-mode they fall at random time, regardless there are players in the area or not.

In pve-c I think I watched meteors falling from the sky 2-3 times in 9 months of play, but they stand where they fall for a long time, so, if none of the other player farmed them before me, I never had problems to finding tons of starmetal.

Please understand what’s the point for me: if there is a bugged mechanics it needs to be fixed, regardless any other consideration. The presence of a bug can’t be a reason to “adapt” the game around it, like the bug was a thing intended to stay forever. Bugs need to be fixed, but new content needs to be designed as the game works in the way it’s intended.

That’s why for me could be a good idea having damages to structures as they was before the update it nerfed them BUT to have t4 buildings, in starmetal and other similar rare materials.

Or even obsidian building materials, no other reason to farm that stuff after all