Having to chase meteors to get star metal is sucking the fun out of the game for me


(This is single-player, just in case. Because there’s no tags for discriminating that info.)

They are simply not reliable… I’m past the point where I was in need to explore the areas and just find them as I’m wandering around… now I already know the places and just need the star metal to continue playing the game normally. Or else I can’t repair my weapons and my tools.

And I simply can’t find one single meteor reliable… is TOO RNG based. And when they happen… because I heard one happen… you simply don’t know where it landed.

I didn’t see the trails… just heard the noise and the noise didn’t point me in any direction and there is not any visible indication at distance of where the landing area was.

It’s simply too tedious… too undependable. And you cannot possibly pretend that you should need to spend hours of your game time just to harvest a few couple hundred star metal ore.

Something needs to change IMO.

Or at least the frequency of occurrence and visibility of the landing zones need to be adjustable in the admin panel. There’s simply no way I’m wasting more time in this game trying to find a landing zone of a meteor, when I just need to advance the game and continue the supposed story plot.

Just use the “Master Repair Kits” to repair weapon and tools. You only need hardened steal to build them.

You can find the meteors within a more or less defined area north east of the “Bleakwood Ruins”.

– Michael –

Yes, this. I only needed like 3-4 meteorites to craft everything I wanted (including all tools, a few weapons, a couple sets of armor and improved preservation boxes), now I just maintain them with repair kits.

If you accidentally break a star metal tool or weapon, use only a single star metal bar to repair it, then use a repair kit. This will save on star metal.


I answer to both together since you are kinda in agreement :slight_smile:

(( I replied to mikelei and tagged you since the forum won’t let me just tag both of you :S ))

Yeah, that’s true… but it kinda sidetracks the issue, in a way. And what I mean by that is: a game’s feature that’s supposedly to be awesome and interesting, is turned sour just because a single misimplemented thing… the fact that you CANNOT see the landing place of a meteor you heard, in the distance.

And there are other weirdness too… for example, after 3hs of wandering around the area of the frozen lake in the north, I finally found about 5 meteors… and there’s the problem with that… every single one of them I found it by luck… none of them (well, technically, maybe except one… the one I heard before it was probably one of them… don’t know which) had any sign of the impact, none of them was visible at distance… none of them made any noise… etc etc.

And I had the luck to find them… but maybe in other day, I don’t have that luck… and I find none.

The point of repairing weapons was maybe moot, all in all… I wasn’t thinking the whole picture when I wrote that, but besides that, there’s also Thrall setup… and some of the armors I like use starmetal and are quite a drain on the reserves. Also, I make Star metal weapons for my thralls, too… so each of them drains my reserves a bit. etc.

the point is, when I need starmetal for anything and I’m out of reserves, I need to spend 1h to 3hs of my game time wandering aimlessly, until lucky does that I can find a meteor…

The sad part is that it just need a better way of finding it… add a noise to them… add a glow… add smoke that you can see in the distance… add anything that reduces the luck factor.

And just as corollary… some of the meteors that I found were in the area as I was going back to my base… the same area I already walked by when coming in… so… I never saw trails… never heard a noise… and they
were not there when I came by. They just… spawned there.

Do you understand my point at least a bit?

Yes, and I did understand the first time. I actually find a lot of meteors on SP and ‘do’ see them from a distance; the black smoke, and I see them fall from the sky quite frequently.

My response was just meant as a temporary workaround. If people are having a problem finding meteorites, then it definitely needs to be addressed; I agree completely.


Thank you! At least I’m not completely crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re probably not, but I’m no doctor!

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Yeah good point… it’s just I’m not at that point yet. I’ve been postponing going to the volcano since I wanted to go following the “story path” and I haven’t done the whole North section yet.

But yeah, maybe I just need to go there and start at least farming the nodes.

EDIT: to add referred quote.

Obsidian is slightly stronger (though it shouldn’t be, obsidian is a relatively soft material sitting at a 5 on Mohs scale, the same as typical window glass…), but it has half the durability of star metal, so I don’t bother with it. I just prefer to repair my stuff less frequently. I’d probably even prefer hardened steel over obsidian, I think it has the same durability as star metal.

Where do the meteors usually land? I haven’t seen any showers yet in SP PC but am not actively looking for them. I recall that someone posted on YouTube that there was one area where they always land, is that still true and where is that exactly? I also remember that you can hear them from a fair distance away and I have yet to hear / see meteor showers.

There’s a camp NE of The Mounds of the Dead called Skywatch or something like that. Meteors fall mostly on the mountain ridges north of there and the flat land in front of the temple. All in that area except where the trees are, from what I’ve noticed.

On SP they tend to fall near your character if you’re in an appropriate location.


This was a little ways in front of the temple.

Note my location in this next screenshot. That’s exactly where I saw my first meteor shower, it fell directly in front of my face. They fall between there and the Temple of Frost.

This next one was when I was headed away from the temple.

If you’re having trouble finding meteorites in SP, try relogging and then clearing the temple. You may find meteorites on the ground when you leave or might see a meteor shower on your way out of the area. That’s how I saw probably half of the ones I’ve seen.

Relogging causes the nodes to despawn and will allow for a new meteor shower to be triggered.

This is the path I usually take when looking for them:

Meteor Hunting route (with spoilers, probably, maybe, just in case!)

The rounded squares are the areas where normally I’ve found them on some occasions. But all in all they are kind of unpredictable.

I start from the The Crevice normally and follow the south side of the mountains until the entrance to the valley… I seem to have some luck finding at least one on the slopes there… usually at least :slight_smile:

After that I follow the valley sides doing a big loop and coming back from the other side.

EDIT: typo

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@Leeux I’ve found a lot on the ridges just north and NE of Icekeeper Hollow. That’s where some of my screenshots took place and the meteorites in the video I linked above landed.

I’ve also found quite a few around Skyfall Bridge on the mountain ridges there.


Yeah, good point thank you… that’s where I found two of the ones I found today :slight_smile:

Now I’m good on star metal for at least a week I hope :laughing: If anything, I won’t be hunting meteors again for a while, even if I run out of SM :smile:

I agree with you, i use lot of hardened metal, especially to equipe thralls. If you have some good armorer and blacksmith, hardened steel is nearly as good, and so much easier to get.

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Hardened steel tools have great durability and making the bars is not difficult once you know where to get good amounts of Brimstone (two places are best…which one needs for steel anyhow early).

Sidenote…the game models for hardened steel are sooo much better than Star Metal anyhow in my humble opinion…and I have no troubles slaying things either. So I leave both Obsidian and Star Metal off the shopping list. :smiley:


Yeah true :slight_smile:

I’m kinda starting to see why people don’t complain too much about star metal then :smile: There’s just no point to bother going for it, sadly.

I like star metal because it’s light, durable and strong. Lighter and more durable than obsidian, stronger and lighter than hardened steel. I just get enough to craft a set of everything I need and then repair it with hardened steel.

I definitely do see how people could need a ton of it gearing up their thralls though. For them, I’d just use some flawless heavy armor and dragonbone (or Talith’s) weapons. Perhaps even legendary weapons since the durability won’t deplete when wielded by a thrall.

Star metal is also lighter and more durable than dragonbone, neither of which matter when wielded by thralls.


Yeah I was giving my northern fighter thralls Epic Vanir Heavy since I don’t have any Flawless yet… (I don’t have the heart to keep farming the black hands until I get a named armorer :innocent: I got an Armorer III and that’s pretty good for me! )

But I think I’d settle in giving them the standard one, non epic, that doesn’t require star metal… at least for now :slight_smile:

And maybe I’ll give the better Epic normal Heavy or Epic Vanir Heavy to the better fighters and just them… that would reduce my consumption of star metal by a big amount.

OP, same problem here. Just out farming it myself and came here to complain about the very same topic. (although I can see smoke trails once they’re in the ground). I hate the hours searching for them. My last attempt, I tried to crack 5-6 with explosive jars…none of them opened adding to the frustration.

I don’t see the point in SP to have this level of frustration with rarity of the spawn. (PvP searching for and fighting over such rare spans I’d imagine is a draw for the population to be in 1 area maybe?) Add that the mob density, wolves, cats, and mammoths (with decent aggro range) compared to other areas of the game where there are virtually no mobs at all, makes a really poor implemented mechanic for SP.

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