Having to chase meteors to get star metal is sucking the fun out of the game for me


Yeah! And I do see them too! But when I’m close enough to see the actual nodes within view distance.

My problem/complaing specifically is that they’re not “viewable when distant” or whatever the term is in this game engine to describe things that are located outside the render range within which the game engine fully loads all object’s details. That would help tremendously, as you’d be able to see the smoke raising from much farther away! Maybe it’s related to my lack of capacity to run the game at maximum settings, though… don’t know!

That’s an important source of constant annoyance, true! :smiley:

I still crack them with orbs, they’re cheaper than jars, and do the same trick. And orbs you will get lot of them killing some thralls in lower camps in the south, also if you craft them self they need less materials.

For the meteors there are also good roads to go when used to it, and living north, before the Frost Temple, but you have to stay up the mountains, and walk the long.
East the green area there are also some drop-points fors meteors, but less.

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Yeah I definitely recommend orbs as well. Far cheaper and easier to use on steep slopes.


Yeah, after coming up empty on all those jars, got some helpful advice on the orbs then. Actually just had a shower spawn. Gave me just 2 meteors, and of course one glitched out and wouldn’t crack. Orbs though are the better option, much cheaper to make than explosive jars (wished I’d known at the start lol).

Don’t know if I want to wait another 3 hours for another shower spawn. I hate using the admin panel but there’s nothing fun or rewarding searching for these spawns in a SP game

Try the method I mentioned above to see if that helps any. Relogging and then clearing the frost temple.

It may not, but it couldn’t hurt to try. It’s what I do whenever I go in that area specifically for star metal (unless I see some on the way, of course) and I find a ton of meteorites.

Haha, just looked back at my own post history (your video looked familiar). You were the one that responded to my post about the jars about a week and a half ago. Thanks, it worked (except the glitched one that ate about a dozen orbs before I moved on).

I’ll try clearing the front giant temple then run my circuit for meteors again, see how that goes.

No problem, I’m glad it helped someone.
If the meteor doesn’t even crack after dropping the initial set of orbs, move on at that point.

Good luck!

Leeux & ExNihiloish; I followed Leeux’s route and found none, so I cleared out the frost temple as ExNihiloish mentioned and as soon as I stepped out of the frost temple after my murderous rampage, VOILA a meteor shower! I almost missed it as it was so fast. However I only fournd one meteor, is there usually only one per “meteor trail” and I could not find the other two, although I did find out what to look for next time. I used the orb trick, grease orb and demon fire orb and it blew in a few minutes and could gather about 220 star metal. I used the Pickax and black ice pick just to see if there was a difference in gathering. Pickax average about 16 star metal per strike while the Black Ice Pick did 20 constantly. The sound effect for the meteor shower wasn’t as loud as it was when I saw it like my first week of Early Access. I though that was cool though back then.

How long do the star metal rocks smoke?

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First time I built a home to the north, I was excited when I first started gathering star metal. Before my server wiped, I have over 1k bars of star metal sitting in my chests. I had that much because, well, because IMO star metal is worthless. I have no need for the weapons when I can make dragonbone, especially since killing baby dragons for their bones is far easier and faster than gathering star metal, but also because they’re stronger. When it comes to the tools, like Shadoza, I’d rather use obsidian tools. They do break more often, but repairing them is cake because I farm obsidian for the gold ore.

I personally think star metal is worthless. I wish there was more to craft with it, because as it stands now, imo, it’s not worth the hassle.

I still don’t have Dragonbone weapons :frowning: I need to go and finally do the Arena so I can craft them…

I hate that place and always hated it since early release when there was full of snakes that stacked poison on you :smiley:

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Just do what I do. Go to the obelisk, slowly climb your way down and grab the recipes. On my server we don’t lose stuff if you die, but if you do on yours, just go naked or wear something you don’t care about. All you need is the recipe, but make sure you’ve at least learned star metal recipes or else it won’t let you learn dragonbone.

From there, just go to the Unnamed City and kill baby dragons in the spawning pools. They’re much easier to kill than a mama dragon, and repairing the weapons doesn’t take many bones at all. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it happens to me too… I sometimes have to go around that loop twice or more times until I finally find one… and always varying the routes while skirting the mountains, so to cover more area too. Also, they are sometimes found in the high snowy areas on both sides of the valley… but I had less luck over there, so I normally just pass once on each side and if there’s none, I just forget about it.

Gonna have to try that then! :smiley: I still haven’t seen a “proper” meteor shower… just saw one in the distance from my base, and after that I just find them by luck… just lying in the ground already.

Yeah, I think that’s one of the problems… the other problem is that most times for me, the area is fully covered with storms and the noise from the thunders cover any effects from the meteors. And also, the fact that you can’t see smoke raising from the ground where the meteor is, unless you’re really very near it.

I do think they live a long time… I’d put the life time of meteor impact around an hour real time or so, but I could be wrong… don’t quote me on that :slight_smile:

Of course, if you’re single player, they all reset when you close the game and restart it. In case of servers, they reset when you restart the server.

Yeah thank you… that’s a good idea. Still, I’ll need to “do” that place if I want to progress with the story and all that. I’ll probably try to do it normally at least once, and if I fail I’ll do what you suggest.

I have a mod installed that reduces the bosses HP to values more accord for single player, so I don’t have issue with the boss there… It’s just, the corruption and the skeletons are annoying… and really, I haven’t needed to go there yet, so I been postponing it :stuck_out_tongue:

Procrastination for the win! :smile:

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