Can`t find any meteorites

Can`t find any meteorites for star metal.Been looking for 2 days after 4 maelstrom for hours and hours.Official server pve 6106 conflict.Looking all around the tower area.Maybe bad luck but I think the game has a problem.

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I thought that also, but found different. I go around the outside of the tower area and usually find more than I can carry.

Unlike EL, Siptah meteorites fall in small groups, not spread out. You may find the east side completely clear and 4 near the wall in a rather small group.

Good luck !



Thanks I take another look around the tower itself after pvp.


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Can confirm they fall on the outside hills as well, basically need to check from the entrances all the way around .

Also, meteors do not fall only during the storm. This is a total fallacy.

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