There are no meteors in the single game

There are no meteors in the single. I stand for hours on a hot ridge in the snow and no metoorites fall or are on the ground. I didn’t find any settings that can affect meteorites. Can anyone advise me please?

I’ve only had them spawn successfully for me twice in a couple of years :slight_smile: That was using the method described by @Croms_Faithful, shared below:

Good hunting!


Thanks for the tip, but the problem is not in place, but is in the spawn. Yesterday I had the game running for about 12 hours and at any moment I was walking through areas where, according to the map, meteorites occur. From the frozen giants over the ridge to the Cimmerians and then, for example, the port to the volcano and from there down the slopes. When I play on an online server, I still find meters. I haven’t seen one in a single yet.

Bad luck, as I say I only got them to appear twice in years.

If you are not averse to installing mods, the Pippi mod allows an admin to spawn meteors with the /meteor command, from what I have read. I don’t have it installed though so I haven’t done it myself…


So the trigger is to be in the area, when a new day begins. Sometimes it can still take ingame-days, it is a probability. Maybe speeding up the day-night cycle can help -just an idea.


I must thank everyone for their good advice. I installed Pippi, enabled the meteor command. Then just enter it into the chat and then load the meteors.
Thanks again to the authors of the Pippi mode.


Thsnks Broc, and sorry for the late reply folks. @Error.CZ I cannot seem to find the link, but I will offer up snother suspicion. Now I have not been looking for Star Metal for sometime now, so Ive not looked into this personally. But based on the testimony of other members, it sounds like the Invisible Meteors bug may have reared its ugly head again. What this means is that meteors, or sometimes just the star metal contained within them still spawns in the appropriate locations. However, we do not actually see or hear the meteor show itself actually take place.

My suggestion would be to go and wait in the area near the twins for the recommended 1.5 hrs I have previously suggested, then go for a walk around the woods near Eyelet Lake, and see if you can spot any there. This applies to other members who may also be having difficulties finding then on Singleplayer mode. And should this happen to work for anyone, please dont be affraid to post your confirmation here.


In single player, you could also force spawn them to see if they are bugged or show normally from the admin panel.

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