Meteorites in single player mode

hello, I am playing in single player mode and I would like to know how I can make the meteorites appear, is to get the celestial metal

To the best of my knowledge, you have to go to the area where meteorites can spawn (certain parts of the frozen north) and… wait. For an hour or more. Meteors cannot and will not spawn unless you’re in the requisite area for a long time.

There have been several threads on this topic over the game’s lifetime, so there may be some further information or tips to be found in those (the search function might be helpful).


Hi SilverxCloud. I am a purely Offline Singleplayer myself, and I am fairly certain I can help you.

The spot where we both usually get them to appear, and which I have also seen videos of is an unmarked place on the map which I have tentatively named the ‘The Twins’. Out past the Frost Temple obelisk, down between the two huge statues, and overlooking the woods there. I have had great and repeated success in that area. They are located in coordinates E,13 on the map if memory serves me correctly. It is the 2 large statues located South-East of The Temple of Frost and overlooking woodlands.

It take a long, and I mean LOOONNG time for them to appear; especially for your first time. Some people have reported 30-40 mins, even 2 hrs, but for me it was literally 1.5 hrs! But subsequent times dont seem to be quite as bad thereafter. So here is what I would advise. Stock up on food and water supplies and anything you need to crack the Meteors open, and park your character on a high ledge or one of the statues themselves, where you will not be constantly harassed by predators. Now literally wait a looong time. Face South overlooking the woods and up towards the horizon, then leave your character stationary and just wait. If you have a portable DVD player, literally watch a film and leave Conan Exiles (with volume on) on in the background. No Im not trolling or being cheeky, this will help pass some time, and let you keep an eye/ear on it in the background. You will literally hear and notice them when they come. Only interact to top you characters food and water up where required, and avoid wandering.

Good luck friend, and let us know if you succeed hey.


I just wish they would spawn at least once when you join the listen server aka on server startup.

So it’s always available after a sp restart. Could be exploitable but seriously who cares, it’s sp.

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I agree.

I feel they should simply add either a manual trigger, or shorter (customisable) spawn in times, and your idea is good too SirDaveWolf. We can simply spawn in full stacks of Star Metal bars and ores, so I dont understand the reluctance to give us the option of a manual trigger. It seems that most people WANT to see the meteor shower and experience the fun of trying to find them. And who can blame them…!? My first meteor shower and subsequent hunt was both fun and exciting, not to mention extremely cool to behold.

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Yep. I had built a pretty big base just east of Mounds of the Dead in my solo mode when suddenly I heard thunderous explosions blasting from my speakers. It kinda freaked me out. Then, when I went to my balcony and looked north I saw smoke rising from several spots on the snowy ridges and realized what must have happened.

Then I realized I had forgot my cold-weather clothes to my base at Sepermeru and didn’t have any explosives with me…

Patience will be rewarded. Eventually. I’ve crafted epic heavy armor for a dozen thralls now, as well as various god weapons, with the star metal I’ve harvested up there. I kinda agree with the people posting above that there’s no real reason why there shouldn’t be an admin command for meteor showers, considering how there’s an admin command to spawn star metal out of thin air.

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Ahh…a fine tale of discovery Kapoteeni. It is a big and and exciting moment isnt it. I was doing the long arduous wait suggested, convinced that it was completely bugged and wouldnt happen. I sat there casually taking a sip of coffee, when suddenly…no fewer than 5 meteors came roaring through the sky, craching into the woods below. I jerked foward, startling my poor cat, almost spitting coffee across the room, triumphantly exclaiming “meteorites!!”. And then the fun of tracking them. Oh happy times…

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