How do I drop metal from the stars?

I play single player and I was wondering if there’s a way to make star metal fall faster, or if there’s a command that makes them fall…


Yeah star metal is a pain in singleplayer. Unfortunately there isn’t a base game command as far as I know to make it fall. If you want to wait for it, you need to stay in the area until it falls (though you can go into the Mounds of the Dead - the timer seems to keep going).

If you want a command option - Pippi (mod) includes a command to spawn meteors. And if you don’t want the actual features from Pippi, you can just add it long enough to take a trip up to the snow, spawn meteors and harvest, then log out and remove the mod again (the new launcher makes adding and removing mods even easier).


It is actually easier to kill/loot/enthrall cimmerians (and kill legendary creatures to collect legendaries) to dismantle the weapons, than waiting for the meteor shower to appear, making explosive stuff to break them down, gathering brimstone and black ice to cook 'em. :rofl:

But for the achievement to finally see one happen, and the scene they give you it is worth waiting in my opinion.

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Star metal in EL isn’t too bad to get. Just build something near the mounds or even in the snow and the time spent will spawn a meteor shower.

IoS on the other hand is a pain in the rear to get. I have never gotten star metal on IoS.

I’d really like it if the meteor showers were either disconnected from the timer or the server didn’t reset the timer on server restart.


Weirdly, I found it the other way round - in Exiled Lands I’ve sometimes spent 6-8 hours in the snow and not had a meteor spawn, but on IoS it seemed every time I went to the tower I had to run for cover.

But yeah, I’d love it if the single player timer on meteors just ran a bit more consistently (and the darn stuff didn’t despawn if you leave the area).


Oh my yes!

Even if it’s just a command on the admin panel that would be useful!

Took ages for it to land for me when I was playing single-player!


Start at the mounds obelisk. Then go to the frost temple by running. It will trigger star metal.
May be try it fews times in solo mode.


I think this is how it happened for me in the end.

It’s not that hard, just just need to play in easy sight of the Tower. You don’t even have to enter the actual maelstrom (so you can be out there farming heavy hides, etc.) You can usually hear the meteors coming or you might see them come down around the tower (which is pretty spectacular).

If you are heading in there (where there’s lots of black ice and silk to farm) just keep an eye out for the rising smoke. More annoying is carrying explosives/explosive arrows.

The problem is in singleplayer, the shower timer doesn’t start until you’re nearby. I rarely hang around that long. Even when I’m farming nearby, my thrall and I are near max capacity and have to return home, thus resetting the timer. If I could drop inventory without worrying about it despawning in 15 minutes, I could run home after farming the star metal and come back an hour or two later.


Huh, I wonder if it’s because I’ve got most of my settings set to Ultra or Cinematic, but I can see the tower from in between the two Isles to the south and see the maelstrom ending. If I’m closer, I can actually see meteorites dropping. (And not even super close.)

That would be the best solution

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