Can star metal be fix to drop in offline mode

I feel like star metal should drop every 30 mins in offline mode.


Tbh I remember on my Single player mode I made a small house there just to spend time all the time up there until I witness a shower. It is true @BallsofSteel, star metal in single player is a bit tricky and I don’t know if the parameters (resources respawn timer) affect the star metal drop. Maybe @Tephra can honor us, I pretty sure she knows.


Just console command them since you are offline in single player mode: /meteor


Yeah, getting meteors to fall in singleplayer is a nightmare. Don’t consider it “cheating” as they aren’t really designed to work properly with singleplayer, just spawn them without guilt.


Timing of the meteors is not consistent like in the past.

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I tend keep my hut in same spot every play thru, I tend get a shower of them with in hour or so. Sometimes soon as I pop in SP.

There a few spots I tend pass thru and see them drop.

Anyway, I tend make Hit facing South/Southwest, Abit SE from obliesk (path into mountains with goats) Since they rarely fall North on Obelisk. (pretty rare)

I’ll catch them landing in woods or mountains along middle, or cliff with sabercats. Enough time run over and grab a few.
Tend read a book, or play my switch/psp. XD

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I agree there needs to be something done to make star metal easier to obtain in SP.

From a player perspective, not everyone who plays is going to know forums/wikis exist, and thus wont find tips therein also not finding out about console commands.

Console commands are also not easily used on consoles ([ironic right?]PS & Xbox) if at all. Last I attempted we need a keyboard plugged in, which again most people wont think to do nor likely want to or even have one on hand.

The only solution I can see realistically is a persistent clock tied directly to the save file, so it can run when the save does and doesnt reset on save and quit. Bonus points could be added if every instance of loading the world pushed it forward a bit, helping people short on time.

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